Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


Lets see if they can fix it because timing and keeping in sync is paramount for a sequencer.


Timing and sync work fine.

There’s an audio dropout when you switch patterns with different kits. But I don’t think the timing and sync are affected.

Are you thinking of something else that’s out of time or sync?


See djadonis reply. He uses the thing - better to get knowledge from this actual user, especially if you haven’t touched one yourself.


Your tools are not what differentiate you from others. Very possible to make completely unoriginal and uninspiring music with both the DJS-1000 AND the TR-8S!


djadonis206-How would you compare the user sample playback quality between TR-8S and DJS-1000. You have both right?Also the summing of user samples —the bus on the DJS-1000 is incredible for summing–thats a real test for samplers. Run 2 loops together and see hoe the internal mix sounds. The thing that is great about the DJS is it sums as good as 2 x SL-1200’s into a DJ mixer —not many if any other samplers can sound as good. If the TR-8S can sum two loops together and sound great ill buy one to compliment the DJS


The DJS in my opinion is the pinnacle of audio quality. But. My samples in the 8S sound really good too.


Great to see a solid updated version of the Tr-8.

Would be amazing if Retro Kits put together a patch for their RK-002 midi cable to allow you to play this thing chromatically with a midi keyboard!


Im in preordered one too test side by side with DJS


Nice that you’re liking the TR-8S although hearing about the pattern gaps and weird timing issues when moving more than 4-5 faders at once definetly makes me think of the limitations found on the E2. Hopefully it is stuff that can be and will be patched. As much as the E2 gets ragged on 24 voices or 12 if you have insert fx going on everything is still a lot to offer… they probably should have just locked it to be 12 voices seeing as basically everyone complains about the voice stealing and then seems to go buy a drummachine that does the E2s lower range of voice count :smile: I get it though it was is and annoying to deal with. Makes the 8 voices on the digitakt feel insanely powerful with the ability to use the sound pool to sound lock. But yea electribe has its own set of other problems also (still think it is a great piece for someone starting out though).


I read this earlier so I decided to use the separate outs on the 8s and go into my octatrack. Let’s just say the 8s alone is fun but separating the channels into the OT and applying lfo’s, octatrack fx’s, and even sample mangling the 8s is craziness! I can even run two channels back through the 8s but I haven’t made it that far yet. I’m glad I’ve kept the octatrack. This is just insane.


Yup. I’m running outs into my mixer. Then routing the ALT 3/4 pits of my mixer back into the external in for sidechaining plus using my mixers EQs.

Pretty flexible set up.

I have a Mackie 1202 VLZ


Running the Digitone’s main outs into the TR-8s inputs, and sidechaining everything coming out of the Digitone is my plan. Since everything is so easy to mix on the Digitone, with its second filter, no additional mixer needed for me with this setup.


This external in conversation inspired me to run some stuff through the Ext In. Also. I’m trying to tone down my spastic style of music.

Firing breaks and builds live is hard…definitely open to suggestions on how to improve


yep, the timing issue,


Oh dear! That’s pretty major, not talking about minor hicckups here… and he’s not even modulating the fader of the audible channel! Clearly some room for code optimization in the firmware, or a different control scan implementation for the faders altogether, are required…


I saw this. Seems bad.

Don’t go throwing 4 or 5 faders up at the same time, I guess.

Good thing my hands aren’t that big or dexterous


Agh, ok ok I guess I’ll wait it out now, I just picked up a mint SP 16 for $740. Been wanting one for quite a while!


I can´t belive that no one tested the unit before it was released and shipped to retailers. I am glad that I did not preorder, I will wait until these major problems are solved. You just can´t sell something that broken in 2018.


All boxes have bugs…part of the game.


at least this one can save its content :joy: