Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


There it (295.4 KB)

Two files are generated, one is 55mb binary, another is text, with kits and patterns described, not sure why.


Oh… and yes, once zipped it’s that small… I guess the 55mb file is mostly full of zeroes until you fill the unit with user samples. I included two samples in this backup so you can have an example.


thx :smiley:


I had an E2 and sold it with the excuse is it helped fund my purchase of the TR-8S (which I picked up a few days ago).

It’s almost like Korg knows the swung and missed with the E2… No more support, features, or bug fixes. It’s obviously a dead product for them.

So much potential. Honestly the thing I missed the most were faders and individual/assignable outs. I even bought a midi controller to use as a “fader” box, that’s when I discovered that midi via 5 pin input caused the box to freak out and it’s already problematic issue of voice stealing got worse when you moved midi controllers! But only via DIN midi… USB midi worked OK. But then you need a midi box or laptop/ipad to go din to usb, etc. Just became too much trouble! If I have to use my iPad+controller, I’ll just use th eiPad+controller and have more options than the E2 gave! :slight_smile:

Thus, for me, the new TR is just about perfect. It’s as close to perfect for what I want as anything out there at any price.

The Rytm blows it away in terms of raw horsepower and depth and features and functions and overall awesomeness, but after 2 years+ of using it, vs 2 days of using the TR, the TR is more “fun” if that makes any sense…

It’s like cars… I have a souped up BMW that screams and I had a shittly little Miata NA set up as a semi-track car…

On paper the BMW should be the winner… But I kept bringing the Miata to the track… Go figure…


How’d you get that picture of me?


I’m wondering if it’s possible to chain eight bars together and then automate a parameter across all eight bars in one pass. Does that make sense? In the videos it seems like people only automate things within a one bar loop so I can’t help but wonder…


I think so. You can chain variations and pattern and record over them, so I imagine you can do automation


Just ran across this - video showing a bug caused when 5 faders are moved at the same time. He’s on v. 1.02


It feels too easy doesn’t it?! I almost feel guilty playing it! :slight_smile:


Actually, MIDI CC is available for the track knobs. So you can assign CTRL to COURSE(tune) and then map midi note to CC for each track. My guess is that it’s going to take some mapping/fiddling… Have not tested it in real world yet. But it should work.

Hope Roland adds some stuff like midi note input in a future update. Seems like it should be doable.


It’s a little like cheating.


Not sure if related to the release of the 8S, but a few DTs have shown up on Seattle Craigslist…all of a sudden


Oh, man. I thought I was done with gear for awhile now.:blush:And here you are, fellow Electribe users, echoing my thoughts, peaking my interest.

But I’m staying firm. I’m sticking with my rig now.:blush:


by the way, even though im not here often, i just want to take a moment and thank everyone for being more community-centric here than on gearslutz


Language! But I agree that the featureset looked a lot better before the TR8s was actually released. Users found a lot of bugs and things that were not thought through by the developers. Anyway, I will get a TR8s as soon as they fix Overbridge!


Can you explain to the rest of us how it is unintuitive?


I played with mine this weekend. Setting up a kit involves quite a bit of menu diving, but once done… oh how great it is ! The ability to record a variation while another one is playing is huge for improvisation.


Very poor of Roland. A Rhythm machine that can’t keep in time.


It can keep time as long as you don’t do a certain thing - see video. Also listen do djadonis’s demos here - seems to work fine for him.

I’m still interested in this thing but don’t feel any pressure to buy now. Roland will release an OS update eventually - hopefully to fix the most glaring problems.