Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)

  1. Create a simple pattern using all voices.
  2. Play it.
  3. Scroll through the preset kits.
  4. Realize the wide variety of sound design you can get out of the box because it offers all those ACB models plus a flexible sampling voice plus effects for each voice plus reverb and delay send effects.


Rip it up and start again :wink:


Which is great. Much more people can now afford to own these instruments and play them.


And I’d give anything to sound like Drexciya (doh)!


I think like Kraftwerk they excel in simplicity making it sound not so simple.


Speaking of simplicity (in a non-Kraftwerkian vein)… all of this talk has made my mind stray towards the Transmat realm. All of my friends WENT NUTS when this came out.


I haven’t heard that in a LOOOOOONG time. I also just heard a set that had The Bells in it. Interesting day today. :slight_smile:


The track hasn’t aged as well as I have. :smirk:


Indeed. :face_with_monocle:


i like it , did you used overbridge ?:joy:i was meaning usb multitracking for recording ?


Thanks man! No, just straight stereo out to stereo in.


I wasn’t quick enough with my preorder at sweetwater… looking forward to the second batch delivery though :weary::wink:


Here’s another shot at incorporating some other Roland gear. Tried my hand at the SH01a with the 8S


good video


hence the “S” in TR-8S. Load your own stuff :wink:


do more than load your own stuff -sample your own stuff -Street price of DJS-1000 is USD$999 vs TR-8S $599 for just another $400 id rather have the DJS for sure.
With DJS i also get (arguably) best sampling on the market. The TR-8 is too menu driven for sample use for my liking.


yes… “just” $400 :joy:

I don’t think the DJS-1000 is the graal either… it’s basically just a repackaging of the Toraiz SP16 (in a dj-friendly form factor) which has it’s own limitations (like everything) like the low number of scenes.


Get it. You obviously should not get the TR-8S just as a sampler, or when you have no interest in using TR drum voices.