Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


@Trevor Well I’m going off this at the moment because mine hasn’t arrived, any examples or further info?


where did you see/hear it has a song mode? didnt pick up on that…


just the other day i says to myself, i says, “self, what this crazy world needs to really set it straight is YET ANOTHER 808”


Can you expand on this ?


It has no song mode. Roland has a manual you can download and read.


While it does sounds like a bug, I would probably not have come across this myself.

The way I work would be to set all the patterns up for a Song using the same kit (with eight variations, pattern chains and fills). In this senario there would be no audio drop out.

I guess if I ran out of channels and wanted a different sample during a part then I might create a slightly different kit, but this would be rare as 11 channels for drums/one shots is probably enough for me as I also have the DT for samples.

I think Roland will fix this though, they should anyway.


PSA: For some reason Roland does not include a universal power supply with the TR-8S. I’ve ordered mine from the UK and I now have a power supply that won’t work over here in The Netherlands. :confused:

The box sure looks pretty though…

EDIT: Don’t try this at home!


Get the vendor to send you the correct one. I’ve requested after having the wrong one sent from Europe… Never an issue.


looks like perfectly fine solution to me :joy:


Haha Jesus that’s a sketchy bodge, never thought of that for some reason. But EU plugs can actually go into UK sockets if you’re determined enough


Yeah, I’ve already done so. They have a local online presence over here so that really shouldn’t be an issue.


I do know what I’m doing and the potential dangers involved; the wires are soldered into the plugs and that yellow stuff is electrical isolation tape.



Never tried that, but I’m 100% positive I’m not going to be able to get a UK plug to go into an EU socket…


yeah i did that. then again, considering what they left out of the TR-8 manual…


They’re not exactly brilliant at writing manuals, that’s true.


I just assumed it would have. But now I know that it has no song mode, it is of no interest to me. I’m not falling for that a second time.


you’d think it could save pattern chains, as much as they boast about its storage and save-everything ability. so maybe it can and they failed to mention it. i hope it can anyways. ive got a guitar to wrangle, a mic in my face, and pedals to dance on (including midi footswitch).


The chaining options are so simple that it doesn’t really makes sense to save them.


My point here is that IMHO the chaining options are too simplistic to use this as a box for backing purposes while you are busy playing other instruments. It’s mostly a box to perform on, not really a box to perform with.


yeah when did the whole trend start to remove song mode/saving pattern chains on groove boxes anyways? because theyre on like every damn box of yesteryear. only i dont want something that sounds like garbage and is about to break down on me.

basically, what’s your solution for me? and not beat buddy