Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


Also how would this even work if it’s a midi slave? Does it stay in time but cut out the audio? Or does it all go tits to the ceiling?


The TR-8 doesn’t cut out between patterns, so I’m sure it can be fixed. My TR-8S has arrived so I will test this today and report back.


I got a response from Roland on their FB by bitching hard about it in CAPS lol.


Here’s what’s happening


I extracted the audio from your video to check on timing, and there is no tempo drift, which could have been even worse.

There is indeed an audible fadeout (clean, but audible). No big deal for me, but I can understand why it’s annoying for others.


thanks for uploading! very poor from Roland.


Also, awesome noise from your speaker, I’m gonna sample that :joy:


This might interest people like me that won’t use the TR-8S in a 1 kit per pattern mode:

I guess there should be no gap with Sw:off while changing patterns.


can you test it please?


It only does that when switching kits, right? If you have the same kit on both patterns, there’s no fade directly before the pattern you’re switching to?

Roland can probably make the silent bit shorter with some smart optimizations, but we’ll never get effects and decay trails across patterns.


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I just was wondering if someone was turning the reverb knobs while here hands were just not on the maschine (see the last minute). Would be also interessting which sounds came from syncussion and all the other stuff. Maybe magic things happend with the roland. definitly some grazy cam movement too.


Same kit. No break between patterns.

The box is isn’t unusable by any means. But. If you wanted to play a seamless live set with multiple kits, then you might take issue with it.

Or like in my case, I wanted to swap some samples in a kit for a track. Well. Now I can’t swap samples without that break.


Interesting thanks for posting. Does it do it with ACB as well or just samples? Any way of minimising it with a drop at the end of a pattern?

BTW Random question - Are you Adonis M Smith?


That’s an ACB kit

Unfortunately, no. That’s not my full name :wink:


Could anyone with a TR-8S please check, if the CCs of the recorded motions/parameters get output via Midi? Thanks!


Remembering how this turned out with Korg (i.e., never fixed on the Elektribe), I will follow with interest what Roland is going to do about that. This is, in my opinion, not a simple problem to fix.


From the looks and sounds of it they have added a fast fade when changing sounds, possibly as a (not very effective) temporary fix to prevent glitches. For me personally it is not a deal breaker as I could work around it or put up with it, but even so I’d expect it to be fixed fairly quickly now that Roland have acknowledged it on their FB page.


Good to know, but not enough to scare me away especially since there is no clipping or loss of timing. This isn’t automatically a doomsday situation but I hope they tweak the algorithm better soon!


there is a loss of timing