Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


Fascinating. The sound quality, inflexible sample transfer and this pattern cutoff bug was what made me sell mine. Indeed a case of YMMV.

The lofi samples onboard the electribe was a downer as well. Korg used reduced sampling rate for the factory sounds in order to fit more into the machine, and didn’t feel it was necessary to advertise this… And intentionally crippling the filter too, what was up with that? IMO the electribe sampler was a missed opportunity for Korg, first the intentionally cripple the volca sample so everyone would buy the electribe sampler… And then they release a half-baked product and kill its development before it ever matured. Piss poor IMHO.


When I saw the TR 8S specs. I was immediately reminded of the Electribe 2 concept and thought how great it was that Roland did improve that with a better UI.

That pattern gap of the ER2 was one of the things that let me go for an AR. Sad to see Roland making exactly the same mistake. So no buy, can not have that in a performance groove box.


Believe me, once you kno it is there, you will notice. It’s a curse


This… I can relate.

What do you mean ?

Yes indeed. I actually think the volca sample is more interesting. At least what is does to the sound can have musical applications, like crunchy beats.


Oh… and the volca sample has immediate pattern change with no gap too :wink:


I got rid of the electribe last year and I have no plan to get another one as I’m very satisfied with the DT… but I’ll test it eventually.

Even if the TR is cursed (:joy:) it may not be a problem for me as the way I play with a TR does not imply changing patterns but editing one pattern on the fly, playing with faders, fills, etc. Joys of very simple music I guess.


plastic or not, my original TR-8 was built like a fucking tank. I expect this to be no different.
I think I’d take Roland’s build quality over our hosts here on this forum for the most part.



Yep. 1.02 and it sounds like enough of a pause to where the new kit is being loaded in.

I’ll post a video later this morning, today.

Not good for me


Have you contacted Roland about this? Its a deal breaker if it can’t be fixed.


Damn… also the reason I sold my electribe.
Instant deal breaker for me too :frowning:


Whenever I see one of the new Electribes, I’m somewhat frustrated over the missed opportunity to make a real next level music box.

I totally get the feature set and the choices made, and I didn’t mind the menu diving much, but I just can’t see why cutting envelopes and fx between patterns ever would’ve been considered an interesting limitation. There’s a difference between leaving something out, and just not doing it well.

I know people make entire albums on these things and some just don’t mind, but that’s no excuse for sloppy implementation, especially when you’re touching on something so great.

So that was a bit off topic. Sorry about that.


I don’t think this was intended as an “interesting” limitation, but rather as development constraint.

Not cutting instrument decays and effects tails means you need to keep surplus processing capacity available and/or do smart stuff with voice stealing.

On the one hand I agree with that statement, on the other hand it’s not like you can switch effect type on a DSI Prophet 6 without getting a truncated reverb tail either…


Its a good point, that E2S was really close to a great machine. I’m sure Korg will be releasing a new model soon, let hope they get the balance right. If the Roland has the same effect clipping/not instant pattern changing it will flop with the hardcore musicians. I don’t own a TR-8s so i will wait to see if this issue is a reality.


Somehow, that doesn’t bother me at all on the Prophet 6. I guess it’s a matter of managing expectations. I wasn’t expecting the Prophet 6 to handle such things. I was expecting the Electribe to handle it.


Well, exactly. That’s why I was doing the “one the one hand … on the other hand” thing… :wink:





Two little bits of extra info RE E2/ES2:
*** Electribe Sampler 2 and Electribe 2***

  1. The tails don’t cut if the next pattern has the same fx on the same slots

  2. It’s not just the fx getting cut. There’s actually a gap of silence between patterns. When I got mine I recorded the outputs into a daw while changing patterns, there a chunk of complete silence. Small but there


You gotta be effing kidding me. This pattern gap bs is freaking pathetic. Now, I feel like I have to cancel my order. Unbelievable.


wow, that’s totally unacceptable. No wonder they go for 250 euro secondhand.


Surely they tested this obvious scenario prior to release. Odd.