Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


Amen. Whenever I get my hands on a 606, I sample it. They are all different after all these years.
I have 5 different 606s in my OT right now! :slight_smile:


Yes. For me it is a staple sound, on the 808 I love the BD, Snare, Rim, Toms, Congas, Clap, Cymbal and hats, cowbell, clave and maracas I use but not as frequently.

606 I like tbe BD, SD, hats and cymbal, toms are ok better with the noise trimmer set higher (as is snare)

I only know so much about them through owning and studying them, I liked them long before they were mainstream considered cool too and I’ll still like them when inevitably they are no longer cool, same with the 303.

I’m somewhat obsessive about certain things I guess, it is a fine line between coming across like a self appointed authority and a bit of a dickhead perhaps, but neither intended.


Yes indeed, the snare is also super loud at max volume. I noticed the TR-606 in the TR-8 video has the noise trimmer set much higher giving the crackly ‘reverb’ on the toms, the TR-8 toms have the noise set much lower. I do think however that the TR-8 606 sounds ok, not exact but probably the best digital version I have heard, and at least some effort to replicate the hihat interactions seems to have been made, if not entirely successful.

@AdamJay - I had a 606 when I was 18 and I loved the damn thing and made quite a few tapes with it, in my early 20’s I sold it because I needed the money and they were quite abundant and cheap, I thought to myself that I’d get another when my financial situation improved. In my late 20s I bought another and was surprised how different it sounded to my old one when listening to the old tapes, I put it down to maybe tape speed at the time, but it kind of irked me that the one in the tape sounded better, the hi hats and cymbals were much more metallic and less tonal, and the BD had more thump and the snare was harsher.
Anyway I ended up quite unintentionally getting another 3 606’s finding them for sale at good prices, so at one point I had 4 of them, I noticed that they all sounded different from eachother, so I kept the one I liked best and sold the others. I wish that I had thought to sample them all, because really there is no such thing as a bad sounding 606 :wink:


Thanks! Much appreciated.


yes, its a very good emulation. in the end the difference will be very subtle when mixed with other instruments.
when i bought my first (83 i guess) i was pretty underwhelmed - it didn’t sound like drums at all :slight_smile: sold it a few years later. but i always had the snare and hihat sounds as a reference in my head. bought one some time ago to mod it. but when i switched it on the first time, i knew i will not do that - everything sounded “right” again how i wanted it to be.


@jox I have not had hands on with a TR-8 or 8s but it would be really cool if Roland have taken into account the distortion of the 606 and allow it to be a parameter on the ACB models. You can change the 4558 opamps from the JRC branded ones in the 606 to a more modern equivalent and it changes the sound considerably - it actually sounds a lot more like the TT or TR-8 version, a bit cleaner and not as driven.


when i buy a second (beat up) 606, i will definitely come back to you with a few questions :wink:


My TR-8S arrived yesterday, and my buddy and I rocked a four hour jam session running the Roland next to a RTYM. They complement each other wonderfully. We could play a full live set out with just these two boxes.

Super impressed with the TR-8S. The models nail the sound of the classic boxes, and the interface just begs to be banged on in a live set.


Guitar Center SF have 4 in stock - I’m picking one up today before I fly home - sweet timing! :rainbow::unicorn:


Oh yea, if you have a source like that, WAYYY better/easier to hook that bad boy up.

OctaFO! :slight_smile:


How I wish that the Rytm’s outputs could be assigned, not hardwired… Then could get rid of a sub-mixer. TR lets you totally assign right? Like you could have TR1/Kick on one out, then the next 5 voices on another out, then the last 5 on another out right? Then you just hook each out to a DJ mixer channel and lock yourself in a room for like 3 years. :slight_smile:


Haven’t dug into this on the TR-8S yet, but yeah that would be super sweet. Get a Model1 DJ Mixer in the mix and Bob’s your mother’s brother.




I’m close to pulling trigger on a DB4… Model 1 is SOOOOOmaximum overkill! :slight_smile:


I posted this on GS.

Bad news.

I made a variation of a kit. Put it on another pattern. Now when I switch between patterns that have slightly different kits, there’s a slight pause. I only changed 1 sound.


Such a bummer. This is kind of a deal breaker for me.

How would you even play a live set with multiple kits if there’s no seamless transition between patterns…let alone switch up sounds from pattern to pattern.


Whattt? This box has the electribe sampler curse?

I am quite sure Roland will fix it


Ok. So that’s a no go for me, then.

Not that it ever was a go, actually.

But if it had been, it would’ve been a no go now.


I replied to you on GS so won’t repeat it here, but will test for you today when mine arrives. Could be a bug. Is yours running the latest firmware? (1.02 I think)


Had an electribe sampler for months and was not even aware of this curse… I guess I can safely ignore this :joy: