Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


I’ve been slowly preaching this on the forum, and here I go again… :rofl:
(sorry sort of of topic but applies to all topics)

On forums like this and gear discussions, folks often seek agreement in opinions which is perfectly natural, however I see a lot of specialness in our differences…

It’s kind of like if we absolutely fundamentally agreed on all gear opinions, we would all end up using the same gear. If we went further seeking agreement like what note sounds best in this groove after the last one, eventually if we agreed on everything we’d all play the same song… :smiley:

So this is why I think having 8 billion or so of us is incredible. There’s practically infinite preference choices and differences in musical ideas, to explore life and in our case sound, in just about every possible way conceivable…

In this light I always embrace different opinions, as they lead to more diverse outcomes when taking a step back and looking at the collective situation…


It’s wild when you put it that way, like Steffi’s tune sounds so much more mellow than the others. We need more subgenres!


Steffi’s set was probably my fave, but did anyone else notice the weird video cuts/edits? Also wondering if she is triggering the Pearl Syncussion from the TR-8?


Looks like there are some extra cables plugged into the 8S, could be midi or trigger outs…

It kinda reminds me of Daniel Avery’s stuff, which I’m a huge fan of, mellow but intense


i heard also the cyclone, the acidlab, the tr8 (not the 8s). i am pretty convinced you need to reach for a 606 to get those wonderful hats (and a 606 i still cheaper than a tr8)
… and this 606 snare…


GAS for a 606, that’s a new feeling. Thanks friends


I have a long way to go with this thing. I have no idea what this sounds like but I wanted to post something before I left for the rest of the weekend


Try this: iPad running AUM, plug in Bram Bos’s Rosetta suite of midi plugins. Route the LFOs out to AR to control aftertouch. Nice, easy way to get tons of movement. Just be careful not to overdo the midi traffic… Rytm can’t swallow it all.


The 606 is in the TR-8S.


Hey, great idea! Actually just checked and I can use my OT for this (MIDI LFO to AT), nice!


Sounds nice


do you know, if its a better emulation as in the TR-8?


Video showing variance between two different 606’s

Video showing TR-8 with 606 sounds VS 606

Video TR-606 vs TT-606


Now I’m randomly wondering if you make much use of the 808 cymbal, given the passion and knowledge for its design that you’ve displayed so far. Peeps seem to think kick and cowbell first when they think of the 808 - it’d be interesting to read more thoughts about the other sounds.


those are nice examples…maybe it doesn’t do justice to the cyclone.
but there is one thing with this comparisons: on the 606 its very impractical to have all the instruments set to maximum - the cymbals will be way too loud, the hats will annoy very soon and the BD will be overpowered by everything else. with main volume to max its already distorting in itself (in a nice way) but all the single hits in the TR8 comparison are already unnecessarily distorted. hope to try out the tr 8s soon - but i am afraid its to big for my taste. (is it 3 times 606?)
i read that the 808 and 909 algorithms are updated in the tr 8s - did this happen to the 606 as well?


There aren’t many sounds on any of the TR boxes that aren’t good for anything. :slight_smile:


No doubt, but I’m just wondering - surely if somebody says “That guy is wrong! The frequencies have to be X, Y, Z, .etc” surely he actually uses that sound?

Just curious, not really a callout or anything.


do you have any links to that kick and cowbell music (without using hats and snares) must have missed that genre :wink:


Hopefully I’ll get better at using it and find a flow.

Getting your own samples in there helps with the inspiration piece. Plus, I bet your samples will sound better than theirs.


Amen. Whenever I get my hands on a 606, I sample it. They are all different after all these years.
I have 5 different 606s in my OT right now! :slight_smile: