Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


Could be, I dont really use the kick that much tbh. My fetishes with the 808 revolve around the snare drum, hats and cymbals, I could probably get by with only samples for the other sounds… Come to think of it, all my Roland drum machine cravings revolve around the brilliantly designad hihat, cymbal, snare and clap sounds. If there was a box that only gave me those sounds, perfectly reproduced, I’d buy one for sure.

Funnily enough, I think the TR09 sounds decent however. Subjective things.

At the end of the day, I know I will eventually end up with a Yocto and a Nava… Or the upcoming rumoured behri clones. Just for political and lyfestyle reasons :diddly:


Nah, I have a TR-09 that I really dig. I suppose it eliminates any potential GAS for the new TR-8s… so I feel a bit detached, already owning a DT and having recently acquired a DN. The TR-08 is something I’d hold on to, though.


The Rytm can do some very nice 808/606/DR-110 type hats and cymbals since the update a while back I think, strangely a lot of people don’t like the toms and hats/cymbals on the Rytm, but for me they are it’s stronger sounds, I often don’t like the sounds of the BD, SD, RS and Clap machines but others seem to love those, haha!
I suppose it is down to what kind of music we are making, don’t get me wrong for more experimental or not wanting to sound like classic drum synthesis on purpose I like the BD, SD, RS as they can make some interesting alternative sounds, but for those classic sounds I often turn elsewhere.


Huh, I don’t think the TR8 s sounds thin in the videos…


You have to use your samples. Sounds solid


Yeah, the rytm can almost pull off the hihat sounds I’m looking for… But I am still struggling to get results that take 10 seconds or less on my mate’s 606 (programming in a hihat pattn and setting some funky accents)… The dynamic groove of the Roland hihats is wonderfully liquidy/glued somehow. Find it hard to match with the rytm.

As for kicks and snares, I either use samples or my A4, which gets me closer to the kind of kicks and snares I personally dig somehow. Takes only one voice from the A4, which still leaves voices for more synthy stuff. But man, static snare drum samples, rolls and fills just sound so bland with em…!


Well: rytm is more about programming than e.g. the TR-8/S. The same goes for all Elektron products. You have to go through many pages to get the desired results. All the devices just have 8-10 encoders and it takes it time to get nice sounds. Many people don’t even understand the basic structure/organisation of sounds/pattern/kits on Elektron devices at the beginning.

Of course one can learn all the shortcuts and get super fast with Elektron devices (see Cenk; the same goes to computers: I see some people knowing every shortcut and producing tracks faster than people with hardware), but at the end a device made for jamming and having most parameters available as knob will always result in faster, more hands on fun jams.

I appreciate Elektron devices for the depth and that they allow me to configure almost everything, while I appreciate many other devices for their “hands on”.


Totally. Sound generation only the Rytm can get very close, but the way the unusual VCA works on the Roland hats is where the Rytm struggles, try modulating the envelope and level to get that more liquidy movement.


yes, I am well aware of this. the ethos of elektron devices seems to be ”fvck uncontrollable tone and mojo, we give you precision to do stuff way beyond”, which is cool and gives a vast scope, but also everything requires programming to prevent things sounding static. Its not only about speed, IMO I operate my rytm fluently enough, but its about being able to dial in a certain type of dynamism… If you’ve ever used 606 hihats with the accents, not samples, you know that there are aspects of microdynamics at play that are holistic somehow, its not easy to simulate it. Or a 909 snarerush with flams and accents… that stuff is elusive to simulate.


Sample import. PITA


Well… It’s also about speed… E.g. Rytm has all it’s shortcuts and buttons at completley different positions than Analog Four. Only Digitone and Digitakt share the same layout, but they are also different than A4 and Rytm. So I always have to switch muscle memory and mind for all these devices (to e.g. to access effects or global settings). This works for some people, but not for me. I can’t even remember all the buttons and shortcuts on my computer, so having three different layouts on Elektron devices… gets complicated.

These microdynamics you are talking about with other devices are mostly about interfaces that let you change the sound/pattern much more quickly than Elektron devices. Adding accents, changing the decay, etc. is much faster on other devices. They are more reduced, but also more hands on.


I used the rytm exclusively for 2-3 years before getting other elektrons. My muscle mem is pretty comprehensive.

The best way to develop muscle mem to the boxes is to use only one at a time for a year or two. Sticks nicely after that.


nope, not talking about that. The rytm has accents too. Its just that the Roland ”machines” have much more tone generator slop and parameter interaction than the elektrons, all without the operator doing anything to cause such interactions.


You could add an LFO to some parameters on your rytm to get microdynamics/parameter interactions. Or scenes. But here we are again More programming :smiley:


I think there needs to be more LFO destinations than one to make the same magic happen tbh. I have tried some of the more obvious modulations and they alone dont seem to be enough. Probably would require aftertouch and velocity modmatrix trickery combined with plocking in the controller data by hand… compared to just setting a few trigs and a twist of the accent knob on a Roland, its a hell of an undertaking.


I’m just gonna share my perspective because that’s what I do, it’s different from other people’s and that’s OK, I like that we have different perspectives…

For me I’m kind of glad AR is/was my first and only drum machine. I’ve never gotten used to certain sounds from anything so I’ve not tried to recreate them on the Rytm. I just tweak things until I like it…

I think I’m like that with most sounds and even musical ideas, I’m much more productive if I just explore tweaking things and go with it when it sounds groovy, I rarely ever try to make the machines do what I hear in my head…

Also just a general comment, while this machine might be a pretty awesome drum machine, I’m so content with my AR that I haven’t bothered to look much into this. It’s not an Elektron thing, it’s just my personality. If I had another companies drum machine and I was super into it, it would be the same. If I’m happy with what I have, I don’t even go looking elsewhere…

Just throwing this out there because we’re on the Elektron forum and the AR has come up, really I don’t have heads or tales to say about this new unit, it could be the shiz for all I know, my point was more about how some of us just are comfortable with what we got, and sometimes we can be happier with sounds we find if we’re not looking for specific ones…


I totally understand that. You have to realize that I’m a perv when it comes to certain classic Roland drum synthesis sounds. I believe my obsession with them will not change until I have 1:1 analog replicas of the circuits on my table in one form or another.

My perversion has nothing to do with the rytm. The rytm is still the best overall drum machine in my collection. But after some years go by with it, you start obsessing over the details of what it doesn’t do… Still doesn’t change the things it excels in. I’ve a bunch of killer pattns in my rytm which no Roland x0x will ever come close to recreating. Guess my point is that if I could nail those elusive Roland drum synthesis sounds too, I wouldn’t have any need/desire for the Roland stuff as samples suffice for the other stuff they do in my world.


I embrace everybody’s differences…

I like that someone’s out there recreating Roland sounds on an AR, it’s just not my thing…
Better that someone else does it, might as well be you… :smile:


Probably the least hassle way to get the kind of hihat interactions would be sound locks, probably looking at 4 variations of each open and closed hats at least though. In particular on the 606 the sound you get when open and closed are on same step is not possible on Rytm due to the way the choking works, so you need a third sound which is more akin to a open hat struck harder then closed, and use it via a soundlock.


There is one feature of the TR-8S which I would like Elektron to add to their sequencers, too:

… edit a pattern which is not the active one …

Editing an active playing pattern is always some kind of race against the machine :wink: