Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


I rather enjoyed the TR-8S-only techno set that was posted. For convenience, here it is again - just skip to about 4 min.

Looking forward to hearing more reports as more peeps get their hands on it. Not surprised at some of the limitations that have been reported already (eg. the CTRL knob thing) and actually look forward to more reality-grounding revelations ;). It still looks like a solid candidate to take over the role of central drum machine if I get rid of my rompler workstations.


Man, I just ordered one of these, and was all amped until I read this. Thin? That makes me want to cancel my order lol.


I should retract that statement, a little bit.

I’ve been cruising through their kits and it sounds ok.

I haven’t loaded my own samples yet. No SD atm.

The original TR-8 ACB sounds, sound good though.

They onboard samples are lacking, everything. Not the Loop Masters content that came with the DJS by any means.


Are you glad you got it? I’m most likely sticking with my order.


It’s fun. But I’ve only played with it for 2 hours.

Most of that time was trying to figure out how to do this or that.

BUT. And this is a major BUT.

I think I recorded a quick jam within an hour of owning the DJS. It was that inspiring to me. But the learning curve was way smaller. Likely because the DJS is more like an Elektron than the 8S is.


You digging the effects too? Curious about the reverb and compressor in particular. I usually always really like Roland effects.


This your first Roland TR-* box?


I had a TR-8 when it first came out a few years ago.

I made this with the TR8 and the AIRA Tb3 but was never inspired to do anything else with them


Not my cup of coffee either, but never did like that “aving it” techno sound myself, even in the mid 90’s when it was at its peak.



Ohh Techno is my cup of tea alright there is some horribly sounding distortion on that recording, very sharp and brittle nastiness going on there and yes I’m sad to say the patterns are pretty horrid as well.

I’ll be picking up an analog 909 clone sometime in the near future, I’ll have no part in those digital abominations :smiley:


Yes I like techno too, just not that ‘trying too hard to sound hard techno’ :wink:

But yes I agree, it sounds horrible to me too, but hey its subjective and if it makes that guy and others happy then great.


Nanoloop sounds sampled into a PO-33 and then recorded into a DAW, saved to an SD card, and then loaded up into this drum machine. That’s the tencho I wanna hear!






Pioneer have stumbled onto something really special with the DJS-1000. What you sample into it sounds better than the source. really really inspiring to use because of the form factor and pitch control and CDJ cue buttons.


i have an MX-1 and SE-02, A-01K and love them


Im really really surprised because i have an MX-1 and it sounds incredible --my favourite mixer of all time. I was hoping they would use the same convertors on TR-8S?However djadonis i trust your judgement as you right on the money with the great DJS-1000.


I liked it so much I now use 3 of them!


My favorite of those Berlin session vids. Not really a TR-8S showcase, but I like the less standard beat/groove.


Catnapp does very interesting stuff. There are some good live performance videos on YouTube in case you’re interested.


as is the single drum pad. In fact I love the UI of the 808, its very good compared to many other drum machine. I too have been contemplating about selling my boutique 08 - after owning an MFB 522 and AR808, the 08 sound doesnt satisfy me - but I want to keep it just for the UI (possibly using it as a MIDI sequencer to drive other drum modules in the future?)