Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


If it’s the conclusive solution to the search for a x0x clone, that’s good enough for me.


All your Roland TR sound needs will be met. And you’ll be able to do more stuff for sure.


Prices of 707 and 727 got quite high in the past few years, always loved their sliders and interface, and the TR-8S has those and adds quite a lot more besides, even if we only looked at it like that it represents a more economical way to get those sounds and an improved sequencer.


Oh, don’t get me wrong. The TR-8S is exactly the update over the TR-8 that made me instantly order one.

I never got a TR-8 originally because I found it too ugly and because of the limited pattern length and storage. Both issues have been resolved and they’ve added a ton more on top.


First: Why do you know that? Why are there always random people having these machines already?? Although they are not available yet???

And second: Thats a shame! I assumed i assign a Parameter to CTRL, then p-lock it, then assign the next one and repeat. Quite a let down imho. But at least you can automate other Parameters on top of that?! Is there a way to edit automation? Motion sequences similar to the old Korg Electribe EMX?? Can you layer Samples? Or ist it “Sample or TR Model”?

I really need money! The TR8s, the Minibrute 2s with its awesome Rack Brute Idea, the Empress Zoia - totally interesting stuff going on. This year its all the other companies who slowly feed my GAS :slight_smile:


Because I have one. Read my posts above the one you quoted.

They’re available.

I’m not random


They arrived in-store and were shipped out from most web stores to people who pre-ordered yesterday. Exactly as Roland announced when they’d be available.


not in Germany. Expected availablilty: Mid April.

We did not had such offers :-/


Nice-looking console. Strange how it’s being hyped as some kind of second coming… wonder if people will start dumping their boutique -08s and 09s (or are those collector’s items?), if their prices will go down. It still doesn’t seem like much competition for Elektron machines, even w/all of its bells, whistles, and supposed immediacy.


All I can think is I wish the Octatrack came in a form factor like this with all the individual knobs.


Going to keep my 09 but will indeed get rid of the 08 probably. Interested? :wink:


Got one from the UK; should arrive on Monday.


Well it is in fact the second coming of the TR-8 :joy: Aside from that though I don’t think I have seen too much hype, just people saying how they like the sequencing refinments and hands on control interface, to me that is quite a big draw because it means much faster and easier sequencing. (although perhaps slightly limited compared to Elektron)

To my mind and in my setup there is room for both approaches, it doesn’t really come down to which is better for me, but which is appropriate for the task required.


The most interesting thing about the TR-8S is not even the box itself, but rather that Roland seems to be listening to its customers again after about 25 years…


This! If anyone’s followed Roland’s evolution since the 1st AIRA, it’s very clear the TR-8S is a product of everything they’ve learned and heard over the years.


Apparently the founder of Roland, Ikutaro Kakehashi was very much against re-issuing legacy Roland gear, which is strange considering how many iterations of things like the Sound Canvas and JV/JX versions were made etc, but since his passing and presumambly reduced input into the company in his later years, it does seem that the culture within the company has changed.


The MX-1, Aira euro modules and the boutiques are great products in my opinion, decent sound, capabilities and build quality and reasonable pricing, haters gonna hate but whatever!


That just sounds nasty and not in a good way…


That, and they’ve stared looking back at how features from their classic instruments have been used in a performance context.

It’s easy to overlook, but the way fills are implemented in the TR-8S is directly inspired by how this works on the TR-808 and TR-08.


I rather enjoyed the TR-8S-only techno set that was posted. For convenience, here it is again - just skip to about 4 min.

Looking forward to hearing more reports as more peeps get their hands on it. Not surprised at some of the limitations that have been reported already (eg. the CTRL knob thing) and actually look forward to more reality-grounding revelations ;). It still looks like a solid candidate to take over the role of central drum machine if I get rid of my rompler workstations.