Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


one thing does cross my mind though when looking at this, its exactly the same price in AUS as a second hand OT :astonished::joy:


Take note SP-16 user: You can use a SD card in a USB adapter in both SP-16 and DJS-1000.
So sample in Pioneer and play back in Roland TR-8S


yes… but apples and oranges really… as an ex-ot owner, I don’t think they overlap that much.


not with a wrap of electrical tape around it you wont … :wink:


Just got shipping notice, should be arriving Monday (UK).


who did you order with mate btw ?


Red Dog, pre-ordered first day. Think their initial pre-orders have all been fufilled as their release date has moved back on their webpage.


woot! just got my call from GuitarGuitar - Monday, UK!


so what size SD card is everyone going for…?


What‘s the biggest it takes? There‘s your answer.


No idea, probably got some spare small ones lying around. Looking forward to trying out the various ACB models.

Literally one week from out of the blue product announcement to gear acquisition, seems like a really fast launch. Maybe because there was no prolonged hype that I was aware of.


I have a 32gb arriving today, thats the largest I think


Juno has one in stock for those looking.


Someone get it with free Saturday delivery and post some vids up for us :smile:


Apparently the previous model TR-8 actually had good MIDI sync - by secondhand report - so I may try MIDI sync first before resorting to Koma/RYO attenuators and the trigger outs.


The OT does not have modeled TR-808, TR-909, etc; less than half the audio outputs, no trigger outs, no velocity-sensitive drum pad, no TR-REC workflow, etc. etc OTOH it does have stuff the other unit doesn’t, like 3 LFOs per track, trig conditions, etc…


Mines been despatched - Andertons UK

Will be here on Monday


Thanks governor
Yes I am aware the OT doesn’t have those things… it was a comment more on AUS pricing not the features between the too.
Ones a drum machine
Ones a sampler

I could have made it more clear in the original comment


And made of plastic so much for longevity.


Just updated, it will be delivered by this Tuesday !