Roland TR-8S - (New TR-8 with user samples and individual outs)


Yes ! Good’ol 4 to the floor kick, loads of overdrive and fast paced hi-hats. Just what I need on the highway :fist_left:


Preordered on release. Manual now printed and SD card ordered. Can’t say I’m not excited!

Keeping the DT though, although it is a real shame I can’t get the drum samples I’ve recorded from my synths off it to load onto the TR-8S.


I agree that it would be better to have on board sampling, it momentarily was a deal breaker in my mind for a few days but I ended up preordering anyways. Once I get through putting samples on a card hopefully I’ll be flying and making music with them without too much worry.


Retailers ship dates are all over the place. Anyone know when this will be released? I read earlier in this thread, Friday. But that seems unlikely. Curious


Someone on GS said theirs was shipping today


No kidding! It’s almost as cheap as a nice, comprehensive midi controller. The Drum Machine part is almost free! :slight_smile:


Connect your ZipDrive to the SCSI port, load them into your PC, then send the files to an SD reader connect to the serial port.

Kids these days…


I’m feeling quite laid back about this as both my MacBook Pro & Windows laptop have SD slots built in. I’ll be dropping samples into it straight from the folders in Live which I have on both machines so this should be a doddle.


Wait… What?

Can you elaborate on this please?

I have all voices routed individually, removed from main via menu, and I’ll use the master outs on a stereo mixer channel to bring in/use the on board FX (as they stay on master even if voices are removed)… Is that what you’re talking about, or is there some other magix I don’t know about?

I just did a quick cntrl-F in manual but don’t see anything…


take a look also at the RYO Airtenuators. easiest build and very handy, no rack space or power required


And don’t Koma do an attenuator cable … nifty inline thing with a slider in the middle


Yup, I googled the RYO, whose website pointed to Perfect Circuit Audio - so I went to PCA’s site, searched, and found the KOMA instead of the RYO, lol


yea the komas work fine too. they are just a little fiddly to get the levels right and you might accidentally knock the slider out of position and blast your gear with too hot a gate from the tr8s …


Got one coming, truly excited for this one!
Roland came correct


Who’d you order from?


Guitar Center


Got an eta on shipping? Just curious


Manager said by mid next week, but the GC page says they get more on the 18th so not sure
Hope it arrives next week :nerd_face:


Sweetwater is shipping as of today :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


one thing does cross my mind though when looking at this, its exactly the same price in AUS as a second hand OT :astonished::joy: