Roland TR-6S


Looks nice, but TR-06 for me:


also very nice. If I had the space I would get the single boutique boxes.
But the TR6s looks like a nice package in a size I really like


Yeah, the menu diving (when you need it) on the TR-8S is atrocious, I love to play mine but as a sound design machine it sucks a bit. Without the direct controls I have no idea how playable this is, Roland’s menus on the TR-8S are disheartening, I hate navigating them :confused:

BUT I can see myself recommending some friends a TR-6S as a portable drum machine for their “kitchen counter” setups, it’s a nice form factor for having some portable fun but also sounding pretty damn good.

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The next logical step for Roland might be a SP in this form factor?


Or a regular SP in a new color^^ :content:

I’m usually not too exited about Boutiques, but the TR-06 seems actually pretty cool!

Tuning, decay and panning per instrument, the gain can be pushed internally (modelled drive) master fx, compressor, propability and sub steps for the sequencer as well as trigger ins/outs + midi. Quite the package!


How about a mini AIRA MX-1, since neither the TR-6S or MC-101 have a mix input? But the SP is past-due for an update…mini SP with 2 stereo inputs?


would be very cool. Mini Aira Trinity

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Fuck yeah!

I do love the new sequencer tricks they added to the TR-06. Really hope these will land in the 08 and 09 as well in the near future.

Also, Roland badly needs to do a performance mixer in Boutique format with multi-channel, assignable audio over USB from the Boutiques you hook up to it.


Cool compact size, but I think they missed a beat by leaving the trigger out off of this one.

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any word on wether this can be used to sequence external gear? I’m thinking about my Nord drum 3.

I suppose the TR-6S has a more flexible FM engine, but the Model series has a lot more direct control than the TR (because the Cycles has more knobs, six velocity sensitive pads, and - apparently - easier menus) and the macros on the Cycles are really, really good for sound design. (EDIT: Ah, the TR-6S also has macros… hmm…)

So I wouldn’t dismiss the Model series completely, even though the TR-6S is a pretty interesting competitor to both the Cycles and the Samples.

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Does anyone know if it’s possible to parameter lock sounds on the sequencer? If yes, I’m seriously considering getting this.

EDIT: I’ll answer my own question: it can’t.

Surprisingly useful sounds right out of the box. The FM models and fx alone could keep someone busy for a long time…


Sure, cycles is more hands-on but the Roland box has also ACB and samples. You won’t go in-depth editing on either machine, so why not grab the one with more capability?

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What a beautiful age of music gear we’re living in.


Octatrack owners will be very happy.


Yep. One MC101 in AB inputs, one TR6S in CD inputs, I will indeed be happy.


My heart skipped a beat.