Roland SP-404 Mk2


If only they had done such an upgrade instead of putting out the SP 404 A, they would have flooded the market back then.

The SP 404 scene is still alive and well.

I see a lot of Novation Rythms hitting the second hand market with this news… :tongue: :skunk: :grimacing:


Man. I’m really enjoying the Rhythm but real shit.


The strength of the Circuit Rhythm will still be in its sequencer. Even with sequencer improvements, the 404 just doesn’t have the interface to go that will make it as easy and intuitive as the Circuit Rhythm. Maybe if they revamp and redesign the 555 someday, they can go there. Also, on the Circuit Ryhtym, you can record external instruments while monitoring/playing back a pattern. I hope Roland brought that back with the MKII. It was the biggest omission for me on the SX. Both machines still have their strengths and weaknesses, and there is room for both.


Interesting, looks like they dropped the built-in mic from the design.

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Roland won’t get one penny from me if it’s not in black green Aira colors.


Nice. Its about time.

whaaaat?.. if anything this was the time to take it back to the OG looks of the 303!

speaking of Aira though, I sincerely hope this means there is an mx-1 mk2 on the way


And it looks like the page is now down on the Sam Ash site. Happy Leak Day everyone! I really wasn’t expecting one today, but here we all are, back together.

When does the media start covering us again?

For Media and Press Eyes Only

I would like to be quoted as saying, “This Looks Cool” - HoldMyBeer


Take my money!


Here’s the Additional Info section of the listing, which seems to have been taken down:


Looks like a sick update, about time. I like that they really leaned into the SP culture with the updates for DJing alongside all the other goodies. If the sequencer is right, this could be a great fill in as a drum sampler with the new envelopes, pitch shifting and velocity sensitive pads. Hoping that pattern edit button gives us a view to make quick/easy changes to patterns, while I’m fine with the resample method it turns off a lot of people new to sp sequencing. Lofi button is gone, so maybe included in the 37 mfx. No sd card, but 16gb onboard and built in USB will save some time moving stuff back and forth. DJ mode sounds awesome for sure, great for jam sessions or sharing beats, just need the manual to see how it will work. My main questions are how do Bus FX work, and what’s sequencing going to be like now? Auto buy for me.


Roland!! I was about to buy to new 505mk2 looper, maybe not then.

Worth another look when the first reports are back in from the earliest adopters.

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Damn… there goes my RCA cable collection, lucky I still have the Tascam porta, now solo with 15+ RCA style cables … hahhaa :rofl:

So the SP404SX/A are soon the new oldschool!


Clicking the link in the top post gave me a solid chuckle:


That funny. We’re playing checkers while Roland is playing 4D chess.


Does anyone actually use a vinyl crackle and hiss fx on anything ?

Hopefully it can do audio over usb class compliant.

And this customisation things are silly … updating the boot screen :joy:


uhhhh no :flushed: who would do that haha not me

didn’t do this on my old mpc either haha I swear :flushed::flushed:


Some good stuff from this section:

  • Realtime Loop Recording (with shuffle quantize function)

  • Balanced Outputs

  • Samples are 48khz, so I am guessing an upgraded converter here, as the SX was 44.1khz.

  • It looks like Roland are promoting customizations now by advertising:
    “Extensive customization options with removable metal faceplate, downloadable outline template, multiple screensavers and personalized startup logos.” The startup logo thing seem cool. I need a message that says “Party Time” on startup, or maybe a beer logo.

  • Bus FX for layering multiple effects, with customizable routing for creating intricate sound textures.

  • Also mentions a PC and Mac editor for waveform editing, sample management, and midi import.

  • And dual headphone outs - 1/4" and 1/8".


Wow nice update, very surprised Roland actually did this! The SP legacy continues!

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O wow, this was unexpected… sounds like this fixes all of the sp’s earlier flaws.

  • pitch shifting!
  • mute groups!!