Roland SP-404 Mk2

Ah, I see. I can’t get to that screen. Could it be that you didn’t update the OS? When my MKII came, it was on 1.03 or something and there were only 2 input FX. I didn’t notice if the record settings screen was like that, I quickly updated…

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Fuck. Yes. I’m waiting on my SD Card. Thanks

Ah! good to know :slight_smile:

Happy wait then! Means you can’t choose the routing for resampling. You’ll be thrilled when you can!

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I’m not sure this answers your question directly but you can press “remain” + “the effect” and you can then set the parameters for that selected effect without it actually turning the effect on yet. Then when you do press the effect button like usual it’ll use the parameters you already set.

I don’t think you can save the parameters though for every time you load the project, etc. The best you can do right now is set the values before jamming as far as I can tell.

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yes its remain! dunno if it works like thst on thr mkii, but thstd hoe it was on the og

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Great, I did know to use Remain to always see the FX parameter but didn’t realize I could do that without turning them ON. Thanks.

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SP incoming from
Ordered nov 7th.


The encoder can also be replaced. (even the Thin encoders have a slightly larger diameter…)

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Ah great. Have you done it? How did you pull it out?

And in terms of which chroma caps to use, do you know?

The encoder can be removed by pulling it out. I tried Thin Encoder, but it was a little thick, so I put it back.
The Super knob fits the main knobs, but the height is a bit too high. I have not tried the Fatty knob.

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Link to the fatty knob?

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Is somebody using the SP404mk2 app on M1 MacBook running OSX12.1? I can’t install it. Not sure if is not supported or what Im doing wrong. Btw it is amazing Roland can’t make SP404’s but they still releasing new updates.


I am able to run it on an up to date M1 Mac mini with no issues.

Are you on the latest OS for the sp 404 mk2

From what I understand it’s not that they can’t make the 404s, it’s that there is a distribution logjam like most electronics right now.

Personally I am super happy they they chugging out updates for the all the users (like us) that got the first run and to have an even more seamless experience for the coming new users. Not sure what there is to complain about if you have already got one haha.


I haven’t updated to the new firmware yet, but it shouldn’t be related to the app. Or do I have to be connected to the MacBook during the installation process?
I wasn’t complaining, Im happy user :slight_smile:

You do not need to have the SP connected to your MAC to update. You update the SP utilizing the SD Card. Download the file and just drop it it in your formatted SD card and hold shift while you turn on the unit.

I would try updating. I know my Elektrons and OVERBIRDGE have issues if they arent updated together to the last OS.

My bad for misunderstanding your post!

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I have the Chroma Caps fatty knobs and they fit no problem. :+1:


I got the fatty knobs; they fit nicely.

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I have no problem with the firmware,just did the update. Im unable to install the editor app in the RolandCloud. It is downloading it and then after I enter system password it just resets to the initial state. It always says Install, can’t go past that. Im on MacBook Air M1

Does Auto-Trig not work for anyone else? No matter what setting I have it to, when I hit Record it starts recording right away and doesn’t wait for audio to play.