Roland SP-404 Mk2

I disconnected the inputs and it still doesn’t work, just records right away.

Firmware is up to date. I’ve tried every setting from 1-10. Still records right away, doesn’t wait for input.

Weird. Two things I can think about is, wrong count-in setting (happens to all of us) or the level for auto-trig set too low in the settings?

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Oh so I just messed with the count-in setting, put it to “Count-In Wait” and now it seems to work. I never had to do that before on the 404SX. Thanks!!!


Ah great! I thought “wait” was the default. If you press SHIFT and the corresponding pad (I don’t know how you got to the setting), it cycles through the choices. Pretty easy!

Cool. Yeah. That’s the one.

does anyone know how to reload the factory content (demo songs) that i deleted the first day, but now want back… lol

Woof… this was some serious work to get the guide updated to 0.10. Update available at the usual link NearTao’s Guide to the SP404-mk2 – NearTao's Blog

I got a bit obsessive over the last few days, and read just about every single post in the Elektronauts' SP-404 mk2 thread as well as the Gearspace SP-404 mk2 thread. This is well over 4000 posts to read through, and took me the better part of four or five days to complete. Lot's of good questions, and lots of good answers, but I'm not sure I am up for doing a repeat of that any time soon.

All of this reading has resulted in a lot of really good questions for the mk2 (around twelve pages worth), and I have as much as possible been adding in answers either from forum members or just doing my own research. I would have gotten this out last night, but I figured it was worth spending the time to better organize the questions.


To restore to factory defaults with project 1 populated with samples and patterns:


Your firmware version will stay at whatever is installed. Please note, this will wipe out any other samples and projects you have on your mk2. So you may need to back that up first if you want to save anything.


Added this to the FAQ section of my guide, answer posted above :smiley:

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thanks mate!

Much appreciated! Thank you

a bit off topic i suppose.
but gonna share a beat album that has that sp vibe and its never been really discussed.
to me actually is up there next to madlibs madvillain, dillas donuts and is not like a madvillain copy or anything, its different but inspired by those and its got the vibes and the chaos
so here you go one of my faves


OK which joker here is selling a mk2 for 12500 here on ebay UK :rofl:


I think that is produced by Geoff Barrow from Portishead under his Fuzz face moniker.
His beats are always amazing.
Like this Pharcyde remix.


ye geoff is fuzzface, but this tape was done by Katalyst.


Made my first full track with the MKII. Really pleased at how it sounds like the music I usually make. Had a great time making it as well. Just some extra bits and pieces added before mastering.



Nice peaceful mood and warm enveloping sound. :ok_hand:

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I had cyber-beef w/ him, when he dissed NY. :joy: Told him that joint Beth did with Rustin Man was the best thing she ever did.

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One of the best beat tapes around. Awesome album!