Roland SP-404 Mk2

In my experience, when resampling, start is only by pressing a pad, not with threshold or count-in, unless I missed it :slight_smile:

I am at work rn, and dont have the unit in front of me, but according to the manual that I sited above, the wait setting will work for both Resampling and sampling.

There are individual settings for both Patterns and sampling/resampling. I.e. You can set it to one measure, two measures, or wait which is basically start on audio input.

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Also, if he just wants to overdub his guitar over the pattern, instead of resampling, couldn’t he just do regular sampling, set to mix, and have a countdown as well? Unless I’m missing something. The only reason I say countdown instead of “wait” is that he may not want to record on the first beat of the measure.

If I use mix instead of extin - everything gets sampled to the new pad. I want the guitar only to be sampled to chop it up later. Also - as I said - I need a pattern to run, while playing the guitar, which only works in resample mode.

I’m not sure and look at this tomorrow.

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That’s the attraction of it for me. I see MPC live as a full production suite, but the SP as something to jam around with wherever. I’d take that to the park, on a plane, anywhere really. Not sure I’d do the same with my Live.
I’m going to end up pre-ordering this to avoid breaking Happy NoGear New Year! aren’t I!

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Is anyone else waiting on UK pre-orders - where did you go for?


My bad I must have read your initial post wrong. I think you are correct, pretty sure you have to bake in the sample when you overdub over your pattern.

What if you resample the pattern then switch the routing to ext-in instead of mix. Like is says in the manual here? Resampling a Sample (RESAMPLE)

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This is the link to manual that I was siting!

I had a choice between Thomann and Anderton’s and choose Anderton’s, only to be told a delivery meant for Dec 2020 is now pushed back to January :sob:

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Sorry, I didn’t realize that you can’t play back a pattern in sample mode.

I can’t offer any suggestions for not “baking in” your guitar in resample mode, but if it’s just a matter of not having time for pushing buttons and getting back to your guitar, maybe you could make a four-bar pattern that just functions as a count-in and chain that in front of your main pattern, so you have a bit of time before the main pattern starts, and then trim off the countdown when you are done.


Argh! Most are now saying end Jan/early Feb or not giving an estimated date at all. Sounding like 2-3 months of anyones money currently.

This has been the line for a while now (about a month and a half, I think). I think it’s really anyone’s guess a this stage. Over here in the USA, I have a feeling it depends whether the right container ship in the queue gets unloaded (or doesn’t). I think we’re supposed to get used to such a disrupted supply chain for the foreseeable future. Such is 2021/2022, I guess. Keep those eyes peeled, maybe one will pop up on the secondary market at a reasonable price.

Got mine today from Perfect Circuit! Can’t wait to dig in over the holiday break!



When did you place your order?

I really like perfect circuit, that they charge you immediately for pre-orders not so much…


October something…the day it went up for preorder, I forget the exact date.


I ordered mine two days after preorders went up. The wait has been painful


Same here. Really does seem like they are mostly still serving demand from Day 1!