Roland SP-404 Mk2 (Part 1)

I just tried that with a loop recorded at 130 from the iPad and the calculation got wrong. Maybe the tempo from Noir is wrong… Weird.

But in any case, I realized that I get a floating point value. That’s one thing software developer deal with when they offer beat time vs sample time: rounding (and working around rounding errors) :blush:

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I really don’t want a Force though, I want my SP and as Hausland, I see it as an instrument. It’s really fine as it is. The wish above is something I imagine would enhance it as an instrument, and I may be wrong. Last thing I want is for the SP team to bloat it.

Last point about the wish for “exact looping samples in beat time”: one more reason I’d à want the companion app on the iPad. Actually I don’t need those exact loops all the time, at all, and would be happy to use the companion app with some 3rd party software, but can’t be bothered to use a computer. It’s 2022, some people don’t own a computer, only a tablet!

Anyway, I certainly don’t mean to complain, I LOVE my SP, I’m super inspired with it, end up with stuff I didn’t imagine I would come up with, full of happy accidents.

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with the og we were resampling the loop as it played whole plus the first hit for a second time, then reverse and trim the end point until the click sound dissapears. or if you record loops from ur daw, just add a rimshot at the end of the loop. you can them make a copy trim the rimshot for convenience, add fx as it loops, but when is time to resample use the other one with out trimming it. when you are ready with processing u just do what i mentioned in the beggining. lol such a hassle


Yep, I got real good at that ‘reverse the sample until you hear the click’ workflow. Man that brings back memories!

from muscle memory i still go for it on the mkii xaxaxaxaxa
i hate that after i resample all the fx just drop out
its ridiculous!!!

hell i think that this new 404 is a layering heaven for drums and whatever really. you can have the dry and then mix with the resampled with fx.
just hope that the fx dont introduce any delay that causes phase issues, as the in the older models. you could muddy up a mix pretty quickly like this…heh

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This is not me!

Free tape from one the SP masters all made with the mk2. Think it is useful to hear what can be made utilizing just the SP. This is one the of legends from the SP community. First heard him on SP Forums back in 2007. He has made tapes on all the SPs and originated a lot of the SP styles. He use to post here back in the day and made a Digitakt tape!


I love his stuff. I was hoping to hear some of his mkii stuff. Thanks for posting!

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He has another one too !



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never knew he made a digitakt tape, you got a link for that?

I have it on my computer at home, but he deleted them on Bandcamp :frowning:

damn, woulda love to see/ hear the contrast

damn the lord drop this already?! damn he is a true master indeed

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Yeah, I don’t want the full Force either. It’s in storage cos it’s just a lot and great if you really want to spend hours and days getting into it. Part of the reason why I thought I’d like the SP was the immediacy, but the looping part is taking a lot of the immediacy from it. Saying that the looping in Force is just so fun to use.

I’ve started playing with Koala Samurai mode on the iPad, and the chopping is pretty good… faster to setup your base rhythmic loops to layer the free form re/samples on top.

Nope not StoreDJ. A smaller shop.

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I’m 100% with you.

I’m waiting on the mk2 which will be my first SP and how it handles looping samples has been a big thing I wonder about.

I came to the same conclusion/dream of being able to easily crop an area to something “on grid” once some kind of tempo is set (whatever a master tempo or on a given sample track.)

It would open up some neat rhythmic stuff if you could have perfect loops going at different tempos.

But like you said, any hair off and the drift takes over. Which is fun too but por que no los dos?


I’m also waiting on the mk2 and was also hoping looping was easy to do. I hope they plan to add a looper so you can set the bar length/bpm and record just like on the force.

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I hear you and again I want to emphasize that the SP is super immediate, looping is easy and the imprecision also yields fantastic opportunities.

I want to bring that to the balance because I’d rather have no way to cut a sample to a precise beat time than having an SP where you’re led to only use exact length samples.

Weird as it may seem, I find it creative as it is. Like looping tape was I guess (I’m old but slightly not old enough to know first hand)

This conversation makes me want to withdraw my wish :grinning:. I mean, the thing is a great instrument and it’s difficult to design a creative instrument - one that yields art and joy. This is one (for me)

Edit: re-thinking this, I guess all I wish for is the companion app for iPad. Then I could occasionally load a sample that I prepare specifically. I’d leave the SP itself unspoiled, letting me set sample lemgth by ear (and eye with the waveform) and work with that.


make it optional

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Oh man, I’m having a blast with this thing. I started working on my second project today and it just slots in so perfectly to how I like to work. I love having so much sample time and space.

I think it’s flexible enough that people can use it in loads of different ways, you just have to be creative, but it’s not a “DAW in a box” or step sequencer-based workflow, so people looking for that kind of unit will be disappointed. Personally though, I absolutely love it.