Roland SE-02


Took a detour while commuting from work and fetched the A4 from the main 'cave. Will check the CV control of the SE-02 and let you know how it goes.


Yeah, there’s no direct modulation of PWM from e.g. the LFO but there are a few ways of doing it using the oscillators. The only obvious flaw is that the oscillators in LOW mode don’t really go low enough to do it directly. But you’d be asking a lot of them - they have a pretty wide range as it is.


I realised actually I think I could program one of my Aira modular effects to have a fixed CV out mapped to one of the knobs (which are digital but v v high resolution) so I could have a dedicated filter cutoff knob. :cheeky:


just tried CV sequencing for the first time with my A4


The LFOs work for CV :diddly: :ecstatic: Getting out of hand pretty bad eheh

Not 100% sure yet but the cutoff steppiness with max reso when cutoff is modulated by CV hasn’t made itself audible yet… Knockin on wood!

A4 and SE-02 are friends now… very nice kombo!


Very nice! I had a quick look at the Aira Modular customizer software and actually I’m not sure there’s a straight CV generator virtual module. Maybe I can do it with a “static” LFO somehow or turn an oscillator tone into CV with the Enveloper virtual module.

Edit: no wait… looks like I can just ‘connect’ the knob to the output… Going to have to try this when I get home.


Do you suppose there could be a way to send pgm chng with the A4 as well? This way I could actually use the A4 for sequencing both boxes simultaneously with the CV and pgm chng. So then I’d actually have two analog sytnhs with total recall and all the elektron sequencer perks for both boxes, assuming I save my presets on the SE-02!

So maybe I can just use the common pgm chng method that one uses to synchronize pattn changes between other elektrons? Worth a shot.

That new super-compact rig plan is going back to the drawing board. I have a new idea for a nifty lil setup, volca sample + SE-02 + A4 for now.


There’s a midi chart for the SE-02 on the Roland site… bet it doesn’t sync up but worth a try I guess. :slight_smile:


as long as I can get the SE02 user presets to “align” with the A4 banks/pattns, I should be good. Will look into that doc, thanks.



Heyo, do you think the 303/404 has a place alongside an OT/DT and OP1? I’ve had my eye on them for ages but can’t decide if it’d be redundant. The OP1 can already cover the loosey/1shot side of things well, but I feel like there’s a lot of fun to be unlocked in the resampling of those SP pads, especially on days when I’ve been listening to a lot of teebs. Sorry for off topic!


Thanks for the link! Seems like bank select value of “3” gets me to the user presets. Then its just a matter of matching the pattn numbers with the right patches. Now if I don’t need to send the bank select value on every pgm chng, this will work :ecstatic:




Op-1+xox=my 404 handled the longer samples and some effects but hard to sync without midi box.
OT+xox=idk, feels like overkill, maybe for efx

I know we’re off topic, I think this all got started with possible boutique sampler speculation.

Pls return to previous stepping modular solution conversations :content:


SE02 filter = badass!


I feel like you would have an awesome vinyl collection.




Anyone here with a tip how to “compare” patches with what the knobs do?. There is compare function but I don’t get it, or it is not very helpful.

I created a patch, saved it but forgot to take note of the settings (taking a photo basically). If I press the COMP button I can toggle between the saved patch and the current state of the knobs etc. A small dot indicates if there is a difference.

I expected that turning a knob, the dot will disappear when I caught the patch value. Going through the whole lot, one would eventually have the current knob and button state matching the patch, right? To me it looks like the dot just indicates there is a difference but you cannot recover the knob and switch settings of the patch I created previously.

Any help is appreciated.



COMP / Compare doesn’t work if you’re in manual mode, only patch mode. The dot indicates that a change has been made from the patch since it was loaded. If the COMP button is lit, you are hearing the saved patch. Unlit, you are hearing the edited patch (NB: not the full manual settings, only the patch with any changes applied - if you want to hear exactly what the front panel is set to, push the MANUAL button).

I’ve no idea if it’s possible to ‘catch’ the original patch value and make the dot disappear.


Ok, what you confirm @finalform is what I wrote, which means that this compare function is rather weak and not particularly useful.

Having designed a patch it seems a quite sensible idea to know or figure out the individual settings (In my case I just wanted to recreate my own preset as a starting point). I was expecting that the dot will disappear when I got to the value that is stored to the patch.

Given that the knobs are tiny and hence small change make a big difference, I imagine it to be quite difficult to use the synth in a live setup (unless you just want to play presets and not touch it).


@Olaf_Wolkenhauer MIDI implementation is quite complete…
I guess all this synth needs is robust :elot: shoulders :smile:

Or a Pyramid… or a Cyrklon… or just the right controller…