Roland SE-02


Yeah, 100% it’s just the digital control having its 128 midi steps. I don’t think I have anything I can CV control it with but if you keyboard track the filter and glide the notes up and down there’s no stepping.




??? Care to elaborate?

I do not feel anything I said in that thread needs to be edited further… I know I am bashing ACB there but I’ve always been vocal about my dislike for it…? heck, my hate for the ARIA series is why I got an elektron box in the first place…

If you are suggesting I get a SH-01, no thanks… something like a volca sized M1/wavestation, or even a D-05 boutique would be much more what I have in mind. Or maybe I just use my PreenFM2…


Yeah, I was suggesting the SH-01a, I thought these two guys would fit rather well.
Weird that it didn’t seem obvious, sorry, I’m just waking up… But my moderation is not ambiguous, you should not worry :wink:

AIRA synths are nonexistent in my mind, and I dislike ACB on the paper. But I love my JX-03!

Anyway, just a suggestion for the portable rig… Forget it !


Hey, thanks and sorry if I seemd a lil grumpy there sir!

Thing is, I’m looking for a digital synth for the poly duties… As in, PCM/FM/etc


Yeah, D-05, Blofeld or Monomachine (6-note polyphony in poly mode :slight_smile: ) could be good. I didn’t get on with the Blofeld interface personally. I have a D-05 on order for similar reasons to you I guess, though at the moment the MM is doing all of that for me.

Sorry for off-topic…


Ahah, I started it, I’m the one sorry :wink:

Let’s get back to the SE-02, though. A side poly synth is an endless subject in itself.


Friend of mine bought one yesterday. They’re popping up here in Sweden now.

Sounds great. A bit fiddly. Brain’s struggling to adapt with the correlation of massive sound from something that looks like a classy toy (only looks, mind you, not is).

Chain reaction effect - he now wants an SH-01 and an TR-8 as well, like a micro rig thing for complete minimalist productions.

And he’s throwing out the Minitaur now.

The debate took a turn to the left when we wondered why the hell Roland won’t release a sampler in the boutique format? Then we realised, who says they won’t? And we put our pitch forks and torches away. For now.


Or indeed an Aira sampler, I’m a little surprised they’re still refreshing the SP-404 design that must be 12 years old now, when you’d think there’d be an appetite for an Aira series hands-on sampler. Maybe that’s what they consider the SP-404A to be? Or maybe the next in the Designer Series will be a collaboration with Elektron… an Octatrack boutique? :wink:


No but seriously, like a boutique SP-303 or something, but with a proper sequencer, solid memory, perhaps two parallell fx and stuff, and you’re good.

The format lends itself very well to this and would make for a killer product. Hell, even the design of the SP-303 is sexy, just bring back those colours, put one in the hands of Madlib and his friends and make a few of those videos and we’re good.

Hey Roland, I know you’re listening (Roland specifically, not the company but that guy at Roland that’s actually called Roland and never hears the end of it). Give me a call and we’ll sort this out. I’m pretty busy but can make some time if you talk me into it.


we also need a digital polysynth from elektron in the digitakt form factor!! :3lektron: :3lektron: :3lektron:


An “SP-03” boutique would be banging but I think it might not have the kudos (as a Boss product) or the reputation that they would want for that series.


Unless you bring up the campfire stories on how J Dilla made Donuts and Madlib even uses the 303 as a visual shape for some of his stuff.

Surely there’s some cred there to be found.


Didn’t even know Dilla used one, shows what I know! In that case I reckon they could definitely make the marketing machine work for it. Would be good to see it happen, or something similar.


I think a sampler is harder to get right, interface-wise, and plus they already have the 404. Feels like the aira range has been so far focusing on low-hanging fruit, except maybe the SH-02. Here’s hoping for more of these interesting collabs with smaller companies.


No one has a problem with “no slow pwm”? For me thats a deal breaker. Cmon SE thats such an obvious thing!


I bought it knowing it couldn’t do that. Neither can a Model D. It’s outweighed by a long list of positives.


what do you mean? AFAIR the PWM options on the SE-02 are quite diverse… There was one or two posts about this on GS (although no idea how to find those posts from the massive thread, sry). You need to do the PWM a bit unconventionally IIRC

EDIT: Found the post

1 week ago
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You can also get PWM using the envelope the same way as on the JX-3P and JX-8P with this synth.

Turn Sync on. Set OSC1 and OSC2 both to the same Range (16’ and 16’).

Select the pulse width on OSC2 waveform. Then adjust it with the fine tune.

Now add ENV1 to modulate the pulse width with the envelope.

If you add O3-O2 modulation you will get some PWM but will run into the same problem of too high a frequency of OSC3.

if you then switch envelope trigger to LFO, and adjust the AD of the envelope, you will get PWM driven and in sync with the LFO. But you lose the envelope for the filter.

It is true. This is not a tight LFO controlling a dedicated PW CV, but it gives similar or the same result in the vast majority of cases."


Ok good to know that, though thats quite a complicated workaround (and you have to have OSCs synced? Means no detunded PWM?).

still, i don’t get why its not implemented in the standard way. It’s a really basic thing on a mono. The model d also doesn’t have a step sequencer, patch saving and a ton of other things the se has.


Since I’m an sp-head, I’ll chime in on the sampler discussion. I’m interested in the A bc it’s just crap and that’s sometimes what we go for.
In all seriousness, they could update the 505, 555 or even the 808 if they were feeling up to it. All three, with modern form factors and 303/808 sound quality would be dope.
I gave up on that a while ago, and tbh, who needs it? The op-1 is a 505 on steroids, DT is 606, and the OT is a way more advanced sp-808/555. Maybe they know this, I dunno
I’m only really interested in two boxes they’ve made lately; the se-02 and the A01. All the other stuff can be had for cheap in a yr or so (imho)