Roland Juno ds and Octatrack integration


I’m looking to use sounds from a JunoDS synthesiser via MIDI to the Octatrack.
I have a MIDI OUT from the synth running into the MIDI IN on th Octatrack. Can anyone help with this as I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

Thanks In advance!!


It is impossible to do that this way.
It is possible to sample synth’s sounds into OT via audio (output-input).


Thanks very much!


Octatrack Midi out > Juno Midi in

Juno Audio out > Octatrack Audio in.


Also, is there anywhere where I can find out how to setup the MIDI channels if we’re to use the octatrack midi out > Juno midi in.

Also what would be the possibilities musically of doing this?


On the manual its pg. 39, all the info is there to setup the channels. It would allow you to sequence the Juno so you technically could control everything using just the OT and keeping the Juno in sync with the OT clock. Which means you can then live sample what the juno is playing and do edits, resample, change the sequence/pattern…etc


Very helpful, can’t thank you enough. I was just wondering however, the Juno has 16 channels in a DAW to play for example 16 different sounds in a project. Is it possible to say sample 16 total sounds into the octatrack in 1 project?


im not sure the specifics of the Juno midi capabilities but if you want to sample sounds into the OT you just do it through the Audio Inputs of the OT. And you can record as many samples (sounds) as the OT memory will hold. These are saved in the OT so you can pick which samples you want in whatever project.

Be aware you have 8 tracks on the OT, so if you have 16 samples that you want to use it means you need to plock them.

I suggest just reading the manual and watching Cuckoo’s tutorial video. Doing those two will answer most questions.


Thanks a lot amku :sunny: