Roland Boutique SH-01A


You can perfectly use a phone charger.
I also use a little external battery, these are pretty cheap.

I recently got such crackling sound with my JX-03, just lowering the main volume was sufficient to get rid of it. Haven’t had it in SH-01a and hope I won’t.


Strange thing that crackling. It sounds as if the USB connection gets unstable…


Just stumbled on this the other day and it’s great. The Roland manual is a joke. In true Roland form, they should have put some tylenol in the box for the migraine you’ll get trying to read it.

I’m enjoying this little guy though. Solid enough build, surprised by the heft of it. The smaller faders actually work really well for the size vs. pots. Sounds close enough and goes beyond what you can do on the original with faster LFO and poly. :thup:


Really nice sound there. I’m also fond of its sound and currently waiting for the keyboard attachment to appear in stock.
Only thing missing for me is HPF which would make pads sit a bit better in a mix but it also wasn’t in the original unit.


It’s missing an LFO on VCA as well, and a few FX (chorus, delay, where are you ?).
Fortunately the OT likes eating some SH-01a :wink:


when i had my roland d-05 boutique module plugged into overhub i would get quite a bit of noise but when plugged directly into the wall using one of those apple usb power cubes it disappeared completely even at high volume


Recorded a little multitrack demo. Shows some sounds. Maybe it’s of interest for some of you.


Very BoC. Love it.


Thanks!! Yes, was not my intention in the first place, but I agree :smile:


Like I predicted the limited edition red and blue synths are soldout now and already reaching insane prices on the second hand market. In Europe this seller has the last ones in stock:


I don’t think so, price has dropped and in stock


ive wanted a 101 for many years , been using plugouts and lush a little over the last few years.
got an sh01a
hardly used it… :frowning:


What on earth not? It’s awesome


i seem to only use my digitakt.

rytm , analog4 , octatrack , sh01a , 0 coast, moog mother , lots and lots of other gear barely used.
my digitakt does have some nice 101 samples dumped onto it.


Fair enough


Same for me at the moment :smiley: . Rest of my gear is collecting dust since the digitakt moved in


i need to make significant use of the for sale thread , atmegatron , therapsid , acid 8 , patch blocks , se50,nord micro modular , kastle , meeblip anode and more.



I’ll stick with this. My fave synth of all time!


I would say that the A4 could produce those BoC sh101 sounds as well…


Aren’t all the boutiques limited ?

That was always going to be the case.

The JU, JP, and JX are all discontinued already as far as I know.