Roland Boutique SH-01A


Blue ones in stock at Juno now for anyone in the UK!

My mate’s bringing me one back from the states next week. Can’t wait to try it, sold my 101 a few years back and really miss it.


Due to a mischief at Musicstore the package was not delivered out of their storage facility. I hope to get the unit tomorrow. The gig was still a lot of fun, I improvised with my Modular, TR8 & AR and used Ableton for looping my patterns. I still look forward to use the sh01a in that setup at my next techno gig in two weeks.


Is this just a bass synth? Why is everyone going crazy over it, does it sound that good? I didn’t have the chance to listen to it yet.


sh101 is just one of those ‘sounds’ that is pretty great no matter what you do to it, kind of like how people love the 303. now that an affordable recreation of it is possible, people are naturally excited that they have access to it again since prices for a real sh101 have been absurd.

it’s also far more than a bass synth. it’s just got a sharp but rubbery sound to it… I’m not gonna get into describing it, there’s tons of recordings/videos out there


Besides it’s very immediate, well thought synth.
A pleasure to play with :slight_smile:


I got mine together with the D05 yesterday. I didn’t have time to check it out straight away, but you’ve got to give it to Roland, the boutiques are cute & collectible.


Regarding the SH-01A I like the up to 4-note polyphony and 100 step sequencer (most of the other cute little desktop synths are 16 step or less), which is said to be one of the easiest to use sequencer designs ever.

Because it can play chords, it’s not a bass-only synth :wink:


My red SH01a arrived yesterday and my first impression is fantastic! The metal surface has a nice feel to it and it stands firmly on my desk. I started a new dub techno track where I used the polyphonic mode and the polyphonic sequencer. This is not the most common way to play a 101 but i wanted to experience the “add ons” over the original synth. For a live situation the pattern and sound memory will be very useful, same with the nice and solid box it came in, which makes it easy to transport it safely. Sound is “like I expected” which is good since I wanted a 101 emulation that can live up to the standard of the TAL software I used before. Bottom line: I am glad I bought the sh01a!


Here’s a very professional and lovely manual for the SH-01A, courtesy of Sunshine Jones. It’s so good it looks like it was made by Roland, if they were interested in even making a manual.

Roland SH-01A User Manual


So I picked up an SH-01a which is sat quite ridiculously next to my 101. What a cool little synth! Tiny but really nicely put together, the sliders aren’t as small as I expected and are quite useable. Sound? Just like a 101 but… doesn’t quite have the buzz and life of the original. Close, very very close. Has the character for sure and a good dose of the tone but, yes, it’s still sounding a little lifeless, a little less something… BUT it is a great little thing, and is a lot of fun.


How do you guys like poly sounds it can do?


Love it. LOVE IT!


It works pretty well. It can get a little too heavy at times, but it doesn’t get muddy.


nice. Waiting for some more poly demos. I’m very impressed by the sound in general so far.
This type of Roland filter sound, is my favourite filter sound I know


I like the poly sounds more than I expected to, especially when used with chord memory and sequencer. Run it through a chorus pedal and it sounds almost like a Juno.

This demo of poly sounds is pretty good:


ordered one today. Started playing in a new band and NEEDED something portable with knob/function. Good excuse :wink:


You won’t regret it, it’s fun. What color did you go for?


I prefer the simple grey.
As AFX/BOC fan, I was always attracted by that sound. Thought a lot about the Atlantis, but now I’ll try my first boutique. Very portable and the poly option is handy


I am curious how the sh01a will cut through the mix with a4. I am going for the red one. It will fit more nicely with my a4 mk1 and if the pair is great I am also not wanting the mk2 upgrade as the grey doens’t match red. Its all about picking the right colour to prevent failure.


I noticed this from a lot of the demos so far. Less distortion in the filter or something. A friend of mine has a 101 that we use from time to time so it stuck out to me right away. I’m still thinking I need this under the tree though. :christmas_tree: