Roland Boutique SH-01A


The 606 I have is an OG and the hats are the greatest. I’m sorry for your ears, but good for you as there’s no need to chase.


yes i agree the 606 hihats are the best


What’s wrong with using EQ?


Yeah, I had a TR-909 and acquired a boutique recently. Only difference is no external outputs and size. The boutique sounds great. Like others have said EQ and over compression. Size is all wrong.


i mostly run my tr8 through noise/heat/biscuit , it sounds fine on its own but running it through those makes it nice , the finer details of analog / acb are destroyed.

ive never used a real 606 , i do have tr8 , nepheton (the d16 plugin, cant remember the name) endless sample packs … the hats sound very harsh to me but i stilll use them .

909 is in a lot of music i like but not a sound i use a lot myself , i prefer 808.


My wife has a laser cutter (she is a jewellery designer) so I knocked up a stand for the SH-01A from a £1 acrylic offcut.

Show your selfmade solutions

Looks nice, I’d buy one


That’s kind of you, thanks. It’s a bit specific to what I need, it’s quite high so that it raises it above the back of my MIDI master keyboard on the desk. I also constructed it about as simply as I could, it just has three long braces that slot into the end panels. If I were to make some to sell or for a friend I would come up with a more solid way of holding it together. In use it doesn’t move a millimetre but if you push the synth from the side it wobbles a little bit. A few dots of Gorilla glue would hold it tight but I quite like that I can dismantle it and put it away flat in a drawer.


Don’t make her mad :slight_smile:


Anyone here using the sh01a as USB soundcard in ableton ? I cannot for the life of me figure out how to disable direct monitoring of the device. I would like to hear only the sound coming from ableton through the sh01a, and not the direct sound from the device, and ableton at the same time (causing double signal).
I know mac can aggregate soundcards, and perhaps asio4all can help me out, but any tips would be very welcome. Thanks !

edit: With the analog4 you can disable wich track goes to direct monitor, so you can use it inside ableton with overbridge as a soundcard, and have different effects on each of the four channels … Hope im making myself clear…


Not entirely sure you can unless you turn all waveforms off .
Maybe make a ‘zero’ sound patch and use that for monitoring. ?


Thanks for the suggestion re5et, but I think you get me wrong, I still want to hear the sh01, but through an effects chain. I do not want to hear the dry signal.


You’re monitoring the output of the DAW through the SH-01A?

The USB audio is not linked to the volume pot on the SH-01A so if you turn it all the way down, the USB audio will reach the DAW but you will not hear it through the main out or headphone socket (or the internal speaker). But if you are monitoring back through the SH-01A that doesn’t really help you.


Yes, I am. I can see the signal in Live when the volume pot is all the way down, correct. I do not want to add another soundcard in the mix… (this reminds me of the analog4 as soundcard situation)


Can you plug your headphones into your computer and set Ableton to output to the built-in output of your computer? I’m not sure, maybe there’s a setting inside the SH-01A to disable monitoring?


Ableton on Windows allows only one ASIO sound device to be used at a time, so no other output can be used simultaneously sadly.

I wish there was. This is what I am looking for. Nothing so far… This makes the unit useless for me as a soundcard to be honest…


Using ASIO4all made it possible to use my laptop line out for monitoring only from the DAW, with output pot turned down all the way down. Thanks for the suggestions =)


Never played or heard an Sh 101 in person, and not a fan of Roland products lately. especially their boutiques. BUT, i did get to spend time with their SH 01a and it’s actually pretty good. I may grab one and use it with a modular setup


I’ve had it for two days now, and I must say that it’s a very fun little synth. Fast to dial in good sounds, and the interface of course takes seconds to understand. I do however have a feeling it will make me dig into my A4 even more.


I think there SH 101 boutique is actually built better than the rest. The others felt plastic. This one had a sturdy metal faceplate. Still can’t get over why Roland chose to give these a 1/8 in audio out and a micro usb for power. In a perfect world I wish they would have just reissued all the genuine classic synths everyone is after these days with some of the kinks worked out