Roland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer

Woohoo, D50s will be cheaper on eBay now! :grinning:


I’m not ashamed to say this is an instabuy for me.


“The Future. Redefined” :upside_down:


I am sick of these digital recreations - give me a real analog digital synthesiser.

/runs and hides bwahahaha


Not interested by the synth but at least Legowelt is doing the demo. I hope they’v fired the blond guy who use too much feedback and play like crap in the S02 demo.

If this is priced aggresively, I might have to buy. I love PCM romplers. And this has all the cards inside, which is huge! Those cards are too rare and expensive, good on Roland to give us all of em.

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This is kinda brilliant. Next up, I want an Alpha Juno 1 Boutique with the exact same Alpha Dial, 2x16 LCD, and membrane switches control interface! :wink:


This is 100% replacing the volca fm in my live rig. Cheesy 80s/90s digital + PCM + Midi pgm change = :smiley:


listening to the demo vid , is fantasia out of tune…? sounded bad to my ears.

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A D-50, with a built in arpeggiator and step-sequencer, plus all the original expansion cards too… I never did manage to get one back in the day so this one is a definite for me…

As I’ve already got the TR-8/TB-3 and System-1, a nice 80’s poly synth to fill the last slot in my MX-1 would make that side of the rig a nice little stand-alone jam station eh?

Now, where’s my boutique JX-10…

There was a fair amount of talk and speculation on Sonic Talk 504 in regards to this unveiling. Why i bring this up in particular is that (new) guest Steve Hillier brought up things about the D-50 he felt were deficiencies. In particular latency, and inability to make certain changes on the fly, which he hoped might be fixed in a redo with a more modern processor. Dave Spiers also said how some Roland machines got bogged down handling all the functions with one processor. So this seems to me an important question about the D-05, and potentially a real reason to prefer it over the relatively cheap second hand original D-50s available.

In general the whole staff was pretty positive on the D-50.


Agreed, that was nasty sounding. Weird that the other patches seemed to sound fine.

I have a difficult time getting behind this form factor. I want midi in, out and thru, as well as proper 1/4" audio jacks. And why oh why do these things have to be so tiny? Professional gear has full size keyboards and/or rackmountability and road worthiness.

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Perhaps this question needs an abbreviation now, it has to been asked a million times with each boutique.

I’ve thought one could make a business scooping the guts (this is the technical term EEs use) out of these things and putting real size UIs to them.


A vaporware artists dream


What is the polyphony on the d-05? Hope it isn’t crippled like the others…

EDIT - Duh, shoulda googled huh. 16 voices.


So reading the wiki on the D-50 it seems like polyphony is the same.

I do not want this.

I am cured.


I’ll join you andreasroman.

Ahh – that feels better!


I really hope Roland will soon build a new, inovative, serious synthesizer. I love my JD-Xi. But constantly these remakes bored me. The LA synthese Is quite intresting, but everything I heard has sounded to me like Trash, or simply not my taste …