Roland Aira EFX modules


I think you should get the scooper :joy:


Get out of my head!


I’ve got a torcido not being used. I’m in the uk.


Oof!!! Now you’ve puta smile on my face!


Pm me before I buy the one I’ve got me eye on!


They come with their own wall wart PSU, and you can buy a rack frame for like 35 which will hold all 4 perfectly in a 19” rack or in desktop configuration.

I use one of these and could not be happier, totally separate from my euro rig but easy to cross patch, you can of course use them individually as desktop modules they have rubber feet on the back to stop them sliding around. For 90 that is insane as you say :wink:


Awesome! That’s a great idea, thank you very much!


I have a question…
With the app you can reconfigure which FX are in the module and how the knobs are assigned, right?

There’s no dedicated filter EFX box that I can see… is there a resonant filter in the available FX for all the boxes?


Yeah three filters, one being a formant filter…


Also Bitrazer has a resonant filter by default, it works quite nice as a standard filter if you leave the srr and brr out.


Bear in mind you can add a filter module (or six filter modules…) to any of them but you’ll need to virtually hook it up to the GRFers to have front panel control over the cutoff / resonance, which might mean detaching one or more of the default controls.

Could be tricky if you wanted to retain the standard functionality and add a filter (though you can do things like setting standard controls in one place and just leaving them detached, or even doubling up the destinations that a GRFer controls).

Now I want to try making a really gnarly filterbank patch…