Rig case! Work in progress

I wanted a ready-to-go gig solution with a few changeable possibilities. The goal was to put rig on stand, plug in power, plug in audio out, hit play.

The case is for a pioneer DJ controller.


Minitaur option.

Using L brackets to mount. I only used Velcro on the radial and faderfox.

Finally, a power cable solution.

OPz Change up. This is for a gig I do regularly. Most of the set is OT with iPad. Instead of looping for transitions, I’m going to use the NDLR and OP-Z.

I want another permutation where the OT is the full mixer, no radial, plus DT and Minitaur. Work in progress!

Edit: I have no idea why some pics are upside down.
Edit2: Fixed it. No thanks to iOS.


I did something similar. The little pedalboard on the top left is a vocal fx board - it’s resting on top of a Radial JD6 (6 Radial JDI’s in one rack unit).