Reverb and Delay Pedals


Also the EQD Transmisser can get seriously weird.


How is it for regular “space creation” duties? Many of these demos showcase how great all these long decays are and the washes of sound you can get out of it and that’s very neat and all; but I’d be much more interested in how you can finetune a regular short plate for example.

I got a BlueSky that I use as a workhorse-reverb. It’s very good at what I use it for, but the controls seem a bit limited compared to the Mercury 7. Midi connection is very attractive too, paired with the Digitakt, you know :slight_smile:


You can’t go wrong with Eventide, Strymon etc. as people say. But you can get some amazing ones for far less price wise. So a few alternatives:

I absolutely love the BOSS DD7 for digital delay - stereo and way cheaper. I use this all the time, its a fantastic delay pedal.

EHX Memory Man is still brilliant for analog delay (mono - though there is a stereo one available too). Its a classic. And I use this all the time too!

For Reverb my personal favourite is the Keeley Aurora. Its such a beautiful pedal for me. Mono again. Though you could get two and have change for the price of an Eventide Space! Again, use it all the time.

Again to plug a Boss pedal check out the RV6. High quality stereo reverb with lots of options without a ridiculous price tag. I don’t have one but have used one extensively at my friend’s house, great pedal.

Fact is, there are sooo many pedals out there now… there are lots of out-there things too, some incredible effects, the ones I have listed above are fairly traditional in what they do… but anyway they’re some of my faves!


It‘s great for plate based reverbs, out there sounds as well as more subtle settings also. I feel it can do that very well but let‘s face it, it‘s no Bricasti…if you want hyper realistic sounding reverb delivered by a plate algo (is there even such a thing/is that even possible :)), none of those pedals will do, it should be a Lexicon or Bricasti or Eventide RACK (and no, the Space is NOT comparable with their rack units :)) for those.

With that disclaimer out of the way, anything plate (subtle or out there) the Mercury7 can do beautifully. It can also sound spring-reverby with the modulation, pre-delay set up in a particular way and the size turned down…but then you wouldn‘t get the Mercury7 to make it sound like a spring reverb :slight_smile:


Lexicon has some really cheap multi-FX rack units like the MX- 200, I just picked one up for $100 CAD. Basic bread and butter stuff, no infinite reverbs, but great sounding nonetheless!

I’ve been having fun p-locking CC’s with the MnM, some parameters make a horrible digital zipper sound but theres loads of cool things that can be done.


Mono in/out but sounds fantastic.


Just got it few days ago. The way i use it at the moment is in cue w/ octatrack / digitone… It just add a color to the whole that i really enjoy. Also love how easy it is to use, 7 knobs and your ears :+1:


Running my synths through a Timeline and a BigSky. Both at absolutely awesome and most definitely a safe bet. If you are ready to pull the trigger, I wouldn’t hesitate in the slightest. You won’t have any regrets.


I actually got some inside dope on the Rever today.
I wouldn’t count on many more chances to nab one, at least in it’s current form.

HOWEVER the EHX cathedral is my #1 reverb, probably forever. It’s gorgeous, it’s stereo, it’s affordable, and it’ll take a hot signal no problem.


Watch out with those Knobs videos, the guy makes everything sound AMAZING!!! …lol

But that Chase Bliss Dark World pedal looks really great, only issue for me is that it is mono.


Strymon just released a new Echorec style delay (magnetic/tape emulator with multi heads/stereo) called Volante. Also has built in spring reverb. Looks very cool. I’ll probably grab one.


Just ordered Polara & Obscura. After listening to many demos I was pretty set on Tc electronic hall of fame 2 & flashback. But went for the digitech instead.

Deciding factors were -

Proper stereo operation so I can use them without a mixer &/OR place a stereo effect such as chorus before it in the signal chain if needed.

Tails switch - switches from true bypass to buffered bypass. This means I can run analog synths with true bypass OR momentarily switch to buffered bypass for long tails (dub or dub techno style effects). The Flashback or hof for example can only switch from these states by unscrewing the back panel to access the dip switches. As a performance tool it was important to me.

Also obscura is quite flexible with its dual pots and tone controls. For reverb I though hof sounded a little sweeter but having those lexicon reverbs in Polara is appealing too.

Of course you can spend 2x 3x 4x the price on bigger pedals but these are great sounding budget options too.


I like them very much. Polara reverb is very nice! Obscura is great as a bread and Butter Delay.


I ordered it too. Will arrive end of February Here in Germany