Revelations with a4 parameter randomization

i can’t be the only one having huge revelations with this added functionality. i have made dozens of presets that exceed anything i’d designed before the new OS (and, for my practice, any that i’ve explored via soundpacks) since installing. due to the parameter screens and the way the modulation destinations are laid out in the a4, randomization seems much more fruitful than on synths ive has like access virus or the microwave xt (the latter has so many modifier/logic options that randomizing more often than not results in just a mess). i’m in love with how opened up the a4 is now. it’s leaped up to the top in my proverbial “favorite modern synth” list.


Randomizing the LFO pages individually is so gratifying


strong agree! envelope page too.

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yes the randoming is amazing. also the filter and fx pages :slightly_smiling_face: but beware of sudden dangerous resonance settings


I experimented more yesterday.

You can plock all the parameters you don’t want to randomize* on one trig > duplicate > change notes > randomize

Or randomize until you like the result > plock randomized parameters on the first trig > randomize another page > plock > and so on…
Do it for a few trigs, duplicate them.
Add Parameter Slides…:thup:

As mentioned, randomize trigs you hold only and randomize all would be great.


I’d discovered the plock to retain a parameter trick, but I hadn’t considered plocking to get multiple randomisations in a pattern. That’s genius!!


Ctrl-all kinda…

I found out that on FX track Delay menu, Volume and Feedback are not randomized, nice touch !


yes, very thoughtful. This would have been dangerous

How are slides working betweens parameters as “Lfo or enveloppe destinations ?”

Will the “parameter slide” affect all destinations or just go directly from one to the other selected destination ?

Theoretically, it slides all parameters, even if there are a few values. Lfo waveforms between 2 trigs should be selected progressively.

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Same for the “destination” you think ? In other way little enveloppes on waveforms is cool !

Probably. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty hard to listen to. I want to click ON the Analog four but it’s a bit late… Just reading the manual at night is not a good idea :sweat_smile:

Randomising the filter page is like Russian roulette :sweat_smile: