Retrokits - RK002 Midi Cable - Arpeggiator - Digitakt


While I keep my fingers crossed that maybe the Digitone arp makes it’s way over to the Digitakt eventually, I just thought I’d ask…

I’ve seen lots of people using the above cable to make the Digitakt polyphonic, but has anyone been using to give The Digitakt a Midi arp?

Not sure if hooking an external keyboard up gives you control over how the arp works, or if you can do it from within clips, or if it’s basically unusable cos you have to adjust the bpm?

Anyone given it a go?


Who else thinks constantly about downsizing but has a hard time to break up with beloved machines?

You could do this with an OT easily, or even a DAW.

Other than that you’re going to need something that creates/sends a midi arp- perhaps there’s a way to program this cable to do this or get a midi processor to do this, but I reckon with equipment like that, the cable will only be used for arpeggiation which seems less useful than making the cable poly.


depends how much you like arps I reckon.

but yeah, I could potentially just junk the digi altogether from this setup tbh, am trying to avoid doing that ideally…


How about a MidiGal?


brilliant, thanks, that looks like a project I’d be into!


here is a cool video from Retrokits: