Resolution of the sequencers ...Do I need a Pyramid?


hmh, some very good input. I was just one step away from submitting my order for the Pyramid - but they disappointed me right away by showing the price without taxes … instead of 619€ it is 742€ … I think this is forbidden here in Europe.

Thanks a lot @re5et - you put up some valid points here. I mean … my problem is with MIDI tracks - I could set the BPM to something higher and then use dividers/multipliers as needed - of course!! I will try that right away! Maybe what I need is a Multiclock! :sweat_smile:


You can paint or draw an automation with the Pyramid for a pattern with let’s say 368 bars but at the same time it will eat up the possible events on the Pyramid.


all i can think is that until you put in your shipping address they cant display what the taxes will be.

i bought mine 2nd hand , it was in very good condition ,… i think its the sort of device people buy and look after , if I were buying again i’d buy 2nd hand … preferable the v2 hardware (better case , touch pad) … just because they’re newer and likely to be under whatever warranty they have.

look through their forum too , get a sense of how things work on it , plus there are some nice youtube vids around.


There is one thing you should give a thought, before you buy any of the above mentioned sequencers and this would be the time resolution ppqn (pulses per quarter note, which is “events” per quarter note).

Many hardware sequencer come with a time resolution of 96 ppqn. This is less than to guarantee that a recording or replaying will replicate typical human playing stiles fluidly. A resolution of 96 ppqn may cause unwanted quantisation, which is dependig of what shall be recorded or replayed of course.

Many common DAW sequencers record/replay at higher speeds (384 - 960 ppqn or even more).

It’s important to check out, which is the minimum ppqn for your particular use case.


  • MPC 500 is 96 ppqn
  • MPC 1000 is 96 ppq
  • Pyramid is 96 ppqn
  • MPC 2500 is 96 ppqn
  • MPC 4000 is 960 ppqn
  • MPC 5000 is 960 ppqn


And Octatrack resolution is…:drum:

96 ppqn! Or 192 ppqn with 2x scale (same as Cirklon). :slight_smile:
Limited to 1 trig per step, of course (except with Trig Counts in microtiming menu).


just a note.
yamaha RM1x — 480 ppqn


Very limited ! :smile:


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Eh OK. Maybe that’s the reason I had so much fun recording pitch bend modulations for multiple drum tracks :smile:


I guess the workaround is to use trig LFO for smooth curves, or simply tweak by hand and record. Not perfect but that’s life