Resetting Track when switching machine?

Was considering selling my MnM, but then snuggled up to see if there was still love, and fell back in love with he internal bus system and creating FX chains of Thrumachines with more complex parallel processing than you can really do on the OT (the OT can only branch at the inputs, up to 8 paths, the MnM can branch anywhere via busses, with only 2 stereo or 4 mono paths).

However, when reminiscing with the various synthesis machines, I was reminded of one of the biggest frustrations with this machine:
When you switch the Synthesis machine, it completely resets Filter/Amp/FX/LFOs to default.
So you can’t dial in voice character, and then “hot swap” to compare how it may sound with a different sound source.
I couldn’t find any way around this with (super)copy/paste, and you can’t seem to since you can’t save voices or copy/paste at the Page level.

I found this to be THE reason that I’d never recommend the MnM to “learn synthesis”
It effectively requires that you “know the synthesis types” well enough to choose engine first, then tweak from there.

I don’t see other people mentioning this, but I wanted to check .
Any ideas or workarounds ?

I believe it’s func+yes at the machine selection screen to do what you are wanting


The good news is now you don’t have to sell your Monomachine!