Reset using CTRL+AL and P-Locks

Is there a way to simulate the extended+function behavior with a p-lock on a ctrl-al machine? I have some p-lock values for various syn(1-8) and want to reset back to the original kit values at a specific point in the pattern. I can do it manually, but I’d prefer to make a p-lock for this.

If that’s not possible I can send MIDI messages from my pyramid so that’s an option too, if available.

Any input/suggestions highly appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. First post! Yay me. haha.

There are undocumented sysex strings you can send over MIDI that simulate button presses, not sure you can simulate press and hold in order to simulate the return to saved pattern, but maybe start here:

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Interesting. I will have to probe that a bit further. Might be a bit complex to construct on the Pyramid, but I’m willing to give it ago. Thanks for the idea. Any other input sill highly welcome!