Resampling Digitakt through AH via Overbridge?

I’m trying to figure out a way I can sample the output of my Analog Heat into my Digitakt without needing to actually plug it into the Digitakt inputs. Does Overbridge make this possible somehow? I also have Ableton if there would be a way to do such a thing with Ableton.

My current audio signal chain: Monosynths -> Digitakt -> Digitone -> Analog Heat -> Scarlett Interface -> Monitor Speakers + Computer

Ideally with this chain, I want to be able to send any of my monosynths/Digitakt/Digitone through the AH and then resample them back into the Digitakt. Of course, if I rewired everything each time I was trying to sample one particular synth I could accomplish this, but it’s a bit tedious without a patch bay.

Is there a way I can keep the outputs of my AH plugged into my Scarlett Interface, and also keep my monosynths plugged into the inputs of my Digitakt, but still be able to sample the output of my Analog Heat into the Digitakt using Overbridge or Ableton?


I think it’s possible using the standalone application.
I did it for the Digitakt, so I guess it’s possible with AH + DT.

  • Connect USB cable of your AH and your DT to your computer.
  • Run Standalone application of the AH.
  • In option / Driver type choose ASIO and in Device choose Elektron Digitakt
  • In you Digitakt go to sampling page and choose sound source USB.
    /!\ do not turn on monitor or you will get an infinite audio loop