Request: scene/performance as LFO destination


I would love to have a new LFO destination: performance macro amount. This allows the existing scene/performance feature to suddenly open the door to a broad and very flexible modulation system.

For example, if one performance pad affects tom pitch, tom decay and tom delay send, using that performance pad macro as an LFO destination effectively gives you 3 LFO destinations for the price of one!

Has anyone else had the same desire? Is there a way to do this already?


Yes, I think it would be very nice … but I think that if it were possible they would have done on A4.
However I am of the view that adding LFO to track would be very useful, or take the model MD where you can choose the destination track for each LFO.


Damn, I tried “emulating” scene-lfo via the velo modmatrix and the lfo-to-accentlvl, but for some reason I can’t get accent level to change with the LFO?

Anyone succeeded in controlling the accent level with the LFO, this a bug or am I missing something? :confused:


Since the A4 has more LFOs and more envelopes, it may not have been as useful a feature as on the RYTM. But I’m speculating. Only the Elektron team knows whether or not this is a possible feature or not.

But if it were, then the RYTM would be unstoppable.


Performance assignments have predefined midi CCs.
The LFO would be modulating a single CC to control multiple assignmants to that performance pad.
It should be possible.
We’ll be able to do it with Overbridge.
I plan to have dedicated midi tracks in Ableton Live working as additional LFOs.


Good call checking the MIDI documentation. It’s nice to know that modulation of performance amount is possible via MIDI if not via the built-in LFO destinations.


I’ve been having the same issue for awhile (on both the mk1 and mk2). Just now searching for more on the forum, but alas. lmao


THIS THIS THIS… how can you not use LFO’s from other tracks… sometimes I want a wildly processed sound with 3 LFO’s, this limitation is painful.

Funny thing is I have 3 LFO’s on my octatrack and almost never use them…


Completely agree. On the Machinedrum I’m routing LFO’s from unused tracks to others all the time.