Replacing Octatrack with Rytm?


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@Open_Mike @acidhouseforall - thank you both!!!


Dude I fwas there like 10 years ago…
Everything goes in cycles.
I cannot understand the apparent displeasure over lack of overbridge (a programe i do not see the need for personally)
I started recording music on open reel tape. So infinte tracks and no degredation in fidelity no matter how many overdubs you do is bloody amazing.
Kids today huh?


To be fair - OB is pretty awesome. The Rytm plug in is nice to.

There’s nothing wrong with a little technological progression. Can’t hate on that.

I mean, we used to communicate just fine without cell phones and the internet…


Man I never thought of using the two like this!


It’s pretty wild, I’m using all the AR’s voices as sound sources and sampling different ones of them into 7 of OT’s tracks + master track, mixed with the entire rytm sum or at least what’s currently not muted through mixer direct. I’m using OT’s arp on single cycle waves for lead melodies. Lots of sampling, slice remix, warping, and crazy fx and audio manipulation with OT scenes. Been controlling AR scenes, performance, velocity, and aftertouch mods from OT midi tracks with plocks and lfo’s :smiley:. I’m mostly controlling AR from OT and all the sounds are from AR which makes it seem like one unit as I said, I’m so used to the combo unit I need the OT on the left, on the right it seems weird to me now…

Really I’m a guitar player and instrument looper, but not having a place to set that all up has gotten me to go deeper with the trons which is really good for me. There’s a thread around right now about advanced AR techniques and I wrote a bunch of stuff about my current experiments but I accidentally deleted it… When I feel up to re typing it I’ll describe the setup more on that thread…

2 OT’s Vs. OT+RYTM

I love hardware synths and computers are amazing for audio… :wink:


Man that is super engaging… and I only really understood about 70% of that response.

I am leaning towards working with less and getting to know the gear more and this is right up my alley.

Right now rytm does percussion, digitakt chords n bass, and the digitone is going through a dub delay and space reverb for ambient weirdness and pads… but I am toying with the idea of replacing them both for an octatrack now… then run one of the tracks out of the cue into those pedals and then back into the octatrack… argh no you have me thinking!


The amount of sequencer control and programmed modulation possible on any Elektron box is extreme to say the least. Two or more with midi connected gets insane and can seem daunting. OT’s sampling capabilities alone are a bottomless rabbit hole. I’m positive that these boxes you can practice with for a decade or more and still not reach their limits. Even me saying this probably puts some people off because they’re like wtf, where do you even start? If you just start trying weird stuff and more advanced techniques that you can read about on the forum here, eventually it’s not weird anymore and then you can move to the next advanced strange concept and work on it until it feels normal. You got to push your own boundaries until the expanded boundaries become normal, and then you push on again and repeat. At some point the light will shine through and all the parameter interactions and combinations become a vast playground for audio… It’s good…


amen :snowboarder:


I haven’t watched thoroughly but from what I’ve seen of @defenestration’s OT tutorials he really gets in there. He talks midi loop back and crazy advanced stuff like it’s just normal and typical. I can recommend for nauts that want to go deeper but not sure where to start…


@defenestration YouTube videos are quite good. I’ve really enjoyed em and learned a trick or two


This rocks! :metal:


What I had in mind was being able to route midi and audio both ways with OT and Live. Since so much of my workflow revolves around ableton clips, I thought it would be nice to have something that can process and creatively sequence the samples. I know it’s possible to still do essentially that without overbridge or audio/midi via usb… I think I was just surprised with how hard-wired everything is on the OT.

I’m still giving the OT a try, but a part of me wants to get an elektron synth, keep my digitakt, and just go back to the workflow I know well.

After some more time with the OT I understand the differences now between the two devices. I kind of feel stupid for even asking. Oh well.