Repair service in Hamburg/Germany?

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I hope that someone can help me with this question and I hope that this is the right place. Besides the actual Elektron gear I own a few older things like a Juno-60, the MD and the Monomachine which are legacy products. All units are still working properly as they were not used that much in the past.

My question is where do you bring/send your units if they break up? Maybe Elektron would repair my OT MK1, but the MD or Monomachine probably not.

Maybe someone has experience with this and can help me. Of course it would be lovely to find someone close to my home in Hamburg, Germany, but of course I don’t mind to send it somewhere if there is no one who can do it here?

Why Not?

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If any of your Elektron gear ever needs repair, I recommend that you contact the company at least for advice and for a quotation for the repair.

While all the MDs and MMs are now out of their warranty periods, it is quite likely that Elektron has spare parts and definitely the expertise for repairs.


Thanks @pulsn and @PeterHanes, I was not aware of that. Great tips!

Erstmal beim Hersteller anzufragen ist immer ratsam. Erst wenn die eine Reparatur ablehnen muss man sich was anderes überlegen.

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