Removing external ins from master?

In order to record the send effects you need to disable the tracks from being sent to the master, then record the master as an fx track - but is there a way to avoid what appears at the inputs (external synths etc.) from going to the master as well? Otherwise, recording the external ins effectively means that the fx cannot be recorded?

With what device? I feel like I understand the question, but could use some more context.

Digitakt and Digitone

Would also like to know this for the A4 mkII

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also interested in this

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It seems obvious that there should be a way to do it, especially as the two input tracks seem to show in the audio routing settings of the two machines. (although it puzzles me that Digitakt has 10 tracks listed there, 8 of which can be disabled, while Digitone has 7, 4 of which can be disabled?)