Removing a Condition from a TRIG


first post here! I’ve been looking for this for quite a while but could not find anything. Hope you can help or point me to a thread that has the answer that I did not yet find:

I have set a TRIG in the sequencer (of the digitakt) and have chosen a condition for that trig. Now I want to remove that condition since after listening to the pattern I just want that trig to play normally everytime the sequencer reaches it. But I can’t! If I scroll through all the available conditions, there is no “no condition” option. The closest is the 99% option, but that’s 99%, not “no condition”.

The manual sais to press down the corresponding encoder and press “No” to reset the value. But if I do that while holding down the trig that I am working on, nothing happens. The display says something like “clear parameter”, but the value stays the same. There are a lot of parameter locks on that trig so I don’t want to have to delete it and set it all up again. There must be a way to go back to “—” in the COND-parameter…

Any ideas?


Hold the trig and push down the encoder that corresponds to trig conditions. It should clear it, no need to press no


Thanks a ton!!! Will try this!

You could also just scroll the knob all the way back left until it’s blank.

Also, if you find anything incorrect in the manual, add a post here to let them know.

Thanks! I tried just turning it all the way back but it does never reach a blank parameter. It only moves back until you are back at the first condition (I think it’s FILL).

This doesn’t work, you need to hold the trig and press the encoder to clear. Very fast and easy.


Ah I couldn’t remember if it would work or not (not near DT).

Thanks for these incredibly fast answers! This is an awesome community!!

I know this isn’t exactly the same thing, but wanted to mention it…

One trick I do is to convert a note trig to a lock trig to “mute” it, and then back to note trig when I want to hear it again. I know it’s not really muting it fully as p-locks are processed, but I use this all the time.

To change a note trig to a lock trig, hold [FUNC] and tap a note trig, and it will change to yellow.
To convert it back, you tap the lock trig (Yellow) and it will then be a note trig (Red).
Be careful to not tap a note trig, as it will then be gone. I wish [FUNC] + Trig toggled it between note and lock, as then it would be easier to use, and remember.

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Interesting way to use that, very cool. For trig mutes I use the reload function a lot; quick save, tap the trigs I want to “mute,” and then reload to bring them back. Lots of little ways to create workflows in these boxes!