Reminder digital delay

This one recently got funded on indiegogo and there is 5 units left.
I bought one, so I thought that perhaps others would like to learn about this amazing tool.


In the end I didn’t support this … which I might regret (I love the double-delay with swing/shuffle function, but ideally I’d like something powered by 9v and smaller, and I don’t need the filter).

It looks and sounds very satisfying.

This has me interested. I have an H9 that takes care of reverb duties and had been looking at the usual pedals like Timeline, Collider etc but the Reminder just looks so much more creative and inviting than others.
I hope I can get a chance to try one at some point.

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How have u got on with the Reminder f1nns, I see they’ve got another run due in August and it looks pretty good for techno jammin !!