Reload Kits/Parts via Midi


I’m currently building my own Midi controller with an Arduino to control the Octatrack, A4 and the Machinedrum. The Arduino also handles the Master Midiclock, which works better than I thought.

I was wondering if there are ways to reload the Kits(A4 and MD) and the Parts(OT) in some way externally. I read on a old Threads that you can load Kits on the MD through Sysex, so that would be an option.
On the A4 I couldn’t find anything, but I know there is an Option to reload the Kit when the Pattern is changed. So I was thinking of sending two Patternchange Messages between a single Midiclock Message - so that I’m basically switching to a different Pattern and back to my current one instantly to reload the Kit. Don’t know if that works though.
But on the OT I couldn’t come up with any Idea how to reload the part externally.

I really would love to reload all three at the same time for my Live Performance. If anyone has some ideas or experience with this would be very helpful.


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AFAIK, you can’t load A4 kits nor OT parts via midi, no sysex for that. You need to load an associated pattern :
Midi Program Change > pattern change.

Different approach : in song mode, MD, A4 and OT accept Song Pointer Position messages. Theorically you can choose the start of the song and play it on the fly. Tested with OT.
SPP messages with midi controller?

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AFAIK as well, you can’t do that… biggest flaw with the Octatrack imho

You should be able to; and is I think a massive oversight. Try syncing two up, and changing Parts on the Master… no beuno on the slave. There is other midi issues, but this is the number one I think.

If you could, I would have built a VST/AU plugin.

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