Red light broken on the trig 5

The led is partially broken on the “5” trig of my digitone. The other color are impacted too. It’s quite annoying.
Have I to contact Elektron ton repair that or can I change the led Alone ? How Much does it cost ?

Thanks for your answers

This is what the switch looks like. I can’t say for sure but I suspect that the LED is part of the switch part. There are so many tactile switches for keyboards that I’m not sure I’d enjoy trying to work out what the part is.

Elektron will be able to help you out though :+1:

Edit: I’ve changed my mind, I suspect the LED is replaceable, but I’m not sure where you would track one down (other than from the kind folks at Elektron HQ)

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You can get useful information from the Test Mode which you access by holding Fn at power on.

Once the report is shown, the trigs 3,4,5 can be pressed in combination to show led functionality

Tell support about what you observe here


thank you very much for your really fast answers.
@avantronica : after report, pressing trig 3 lights all trigs red on…except trig 5 which is off. Trig 4, all are green and trig 5, all are blue.
3+4 : all are yellow, except trig 5 : green
3+5 : all are purple, except trig 5 : blue
4+5 : all are turquoise, trig 5 too

it’s so confusing !!

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Sounds like the Red is dead, contact support who’ll advise you on your options


I just did it. I’ll be back here to transmit the answer if it could help someone else.

Thanks a lot !

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Thanks! I think i have a similar problem with my DNK so i’m curious to hear a fix. It’s still under warranty for a little while but shipping it for one thing seems too daunting so i’d love to see if i could DIY a fix.

Hi everybody !
I had some news from Elektron, especially Christian, a heated member.
The leds are built in the trig. So, to change led, you have to change the trig. That means that you can’t buy a led at your local electronic store :unamused:

I discovered that my digitone was still under warranty…so, the machine is in their workshop to be repaired !