Red eye


double check none of your solders are touching too. if they are, make sure to separate them.


MD is incredible


Thats the first thing i did.
Nothing werks anyways. The startup cycle is interrupted by something i fucked up. It never finishes the startup. So it freezes. If the contrast was wacked, id still be able to press a trig and it would light up.

No…i fucked it right good.

I think everything in hole 20 (left to right looking at the back) pulled out. Theres no trace there anymore. I cant get a good solder on it as there is nothing for it to bond to. I just get a cold solder.

I so angry for doing this. I shoulda just stuck with barely being able to read the screen. The red killed my eyes…but this is killing my soul


If you can work out what points on the board the trace is supposed to connect, you can solder a wire from one point to another and restore the connection. You will need to solder a wire directly to pin 20 as well, as the pad is now gone.

The startup sequence could be halting for a number of reasons. I doubt you’ve done any permanent damage unless you caused a short.


yep it’s most likely either a short or a damaged trace.
+1 on soldering a wire if you’ve cut a trace by mistake.
you can either solder it to join up the cut or take a wire from the pin directly to the trace’s destination bypassing the trace altogether (just make sure you follow the correct trace, triple check that).

Ive been in a similar situation to this a couple of times, thought I’d wrecked my synths. turned out fine after a bit of a lesson and help from a more experienced friend.
one of mine was a short due to touching solder points, and the other was a damaged trace.


There is still the solution of contacting Elektron, send the device and get a price for the charges of repairing your beloved MD.


If you want to remove the screen easily from the top side without any force or damage and without a rework station, I suggest getting the Chip Quik SMD Removal Kit and desoldering braid for cleanup. The SMD removal kit comes with low melting point solder. It stays melted for a long time to allow you to heat up all the pins to gently remove the screen. You just apply a small amount of the solder to the pre-soldered header pins to lift off the board. Then you just use the desoldering wick/braid to remove the remaining solder on the pins after the board is removed.


Great idea. need to get some.


hi phaelam. you idiot should show us some pictures of the mess. don’t be so lazy. there is still the chance that someone can help you.


yeah, a complete idiot :slight_smile:

quote by you lol

i tried it…i fucked my MD. it is now broken. extremely sad. i should NEVER have tried…or even THOUGHT of trying.

complete fucking idiot i am.


Phaelam, do you know any good electronics soldering people local to you? I’d say they could have it fixed like new in a few minutes. it’s bound to be one single issue, and easily fixable.


I went to a little shop that referred to a place that could do it.

Its disheartening. I really was excited about doing this. It has been a shot to my confidence. I dont wanna mess mods to any of my prized gear anymore. I have a screen for my mnm as well. I wont even entertain the idea.

I got the one you recommended.
Thanks pidgeo


would i be able to disable background lighting easily to see if thats something i like,or does it mean to disable one of the pins on the LCD?
i LOVE the red on the MD its sooo Bloody RED…but maybe i would just disable for a week,turn it back on and see how much i like it than… :slight_smile:


does anyone know a place in san francisco that can do the screen desolder/soldering for my boxes? [order at least give me the right query. im having 0 luck]
im trying to find a place…and i just cant seem to. the place i was refered to by that shop i went to ISNT THERE ANYMORE fuuuuuu.

im NOT about to try again…ever.


Hi what you need is something like this bro. search for a repair tech at this level in your area or search for pcb traces repair or something

i wish all the best and luck a Naut deserve to complete the mission to repair his silver boxes….


I’m sure you’ll be able to find a place that will fix it for you. If it’s just a couple of dead contacts there’s a good chance it will come back to life for the cost of an hour of a tech’s time. Don’t panic!


thanks…im in san francisco, and really low on cash. so…im not shipping this anywhere to get it dealt with. :frowning: i pretty much used the same search terms you did. and all i can find are places that will custom make PCBs.
and I’m in silicon valley for fuck sake. this place is LOADED with engineers. :confused:

nah its fucked. i really werked it over. and the new screen i put on…i freakin can’t get off. holy shit man, what a mess. so i am kinda tripping a bit.


at this point I would just leave it before you do any more damage tbh


Yes they made apps jajaja sorry! we want some low budget techy synth friendly people… if possible

also consider

Hope something helps


Man that sucks. Desoldering sucks so much.

If yer gonna send it to be repaired, I’d just go direct to Elektron and whomever they suggest. I imagine the price will be about the same, but with more specialised knowledge than anybody off the street. Don’t they have a spot in LA that can do this?