Recording with effect

Track 7 is thru from my synth on A-B
Track 6 plays Recording 7.

If I setup the Rec1 to A-B it on Track 7, it records the synth but not the effects I’ve put on Track 7. If I setup Rec1 to Track 7, it doesn’t record anything (or at least track 6 doesn’t play it, even if I go in the AED I don’t see any recording).

Can I record Track 7 with effect to a record buffer? How would that work?

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Set track 7 as src3 in the record setup for track recorder 7 (keep INAB and INCD blank, you don’t want to record anything but the output of track 7). The output of audio track 7 will get recorded into record buffer 7 and then track 6 will play it. I do it all the time (mostly with pickup machines instead of track recorders.


Thanks! seems like I didn’t search too deep :S

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