Recording with an external synthesizer

Hello Eletronautes,

I would like to record what I play on the keyboard of my external synth on the sequencer of the MS.
Is it possible ?
If yes, what are the settings for this manipulation ?

Thank you

MS won’t record more than one note and it won’t record notes outwith its own internal range +/- a couple of octaves

So you would use the MS Auto Channel as the MIDI transmit channel on the transmitting keyboard and select the track you want to record to

I don’t have the MS but it ought to be along those lines as per other boxes

It will play teh internal voice/sample, if you want to use a track for sequencing it won’t push teh MIDI through whilst playing in but it will once the sequence is playing back - that may not be an issue if teh controlling keyboard is the sound source too (although midi setting for this arrangement will need to be carefully set)

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Thank you for your reply,

actually the external keyboard is also the sound source, the MS only serves to record the sequence, can you tell me this midi setting on the MS?

thank you so much

which setting ? by default I’d have thought it would receive notes, you will need to look through some of the settings menu to enable the correct I/o and enable the transmit/receive you are after - there’s not so many options in the Models series so you won’t go wrong if you explore what’s there - the track menu will probably have the midi out aspects and everything else should fall under the ‘spanner’ options - as said, I don’t know the MS

Overall I would like the MS to record a sequence played on the keyboard of the Bass-station.

I think you have enough of the info needed to get you there - start with smaller steps, get the playing MS sounds aspect sorted first - then move on to recording, then move onto resolving any issues with using the sound generator as the controller

OK thanks

Hey and Welcome !

You can trig notes on your M:S with your synth through midi connection (midi IN), but you can’t send the sounds you are playing with your synth to the M:S. On the other hand, you can sequence your synth with the sequencer of the M:S (midi OUT).

Details of the midi IN/OUT configurations are written page 40 of the manual. In case of midi OUT you also have to assign the sequenced track that will send midi data to your synth (check page 23 of the manual)

Not sure it’s the infos your are looking for!

thank you ariusburton,
I’m going to look at this configuration, I managed to sequence my synthesizer externally, the location of the record sequence is good but only one note.

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It may not capture the sequences exactly as they are because the BS2 is paraphonic since the latest update and i would also assume any sequences with slides are achieved by having overlapping steps, which I’m fairly certain the M:S can’t do.

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I’m wondering if there is a way to play external gear thru the MS with a Keystep. Like Keystep midi in to T6 then T6 midi out to a synth. Recording the sequence if so desired. I can’t seem to get it to work.