Recording using Chromatic Track?

I have not been able to figure out how to record notes using the chromatic trigs that are different, like a bass line. I play along with the sequence but as soon you press record it is only one note, C5. Can anyone help with this?

Hi! If I well understand your need… you have to play and record your chromatic line in “live recording mode”. To enter live recording mode press and hold rec button then press play button…
Otherwise you have to change the parameters of the trig by press and hold trig button: in this cas you will enter in a little menu where is it possible to change pitch, velocity and lenght of the trig.

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Thank you, with a little patience that worked!

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Hi everyone ! I just received my M:S after a looong waiting due to lockdown. Anyway I played with it since yesterday and I have an issue while live recording in chromatic mode :

I triggered the notes, then it plays the notes that I triggered for 1 or 2 loops and then notes are automatically erased, or some just missing. I’m not doing anything or pressing any button. Chance is not on so its not the problem…

Do you guys had this issue ? Is there anything I missed ?

Thanks :slight_smile: