Recording Latency in Octatrack - Bug?

64 steps so that my loop is perfectly cut for 64 steps.

Sorry, I was asking to @Elektron, that is just another highly important feature request for musicians recording longer than 4 bars…
1024 steps max would be :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Unfortunately you can’t set longer recordings than 64 steps, even if you use a different scale like 1/8, because recorders don’t care about track scale. Manual rec stop or midi messages are the only workarounds.

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I miss my Octatrack still napping in storage, must get back to it soon… :open_mouth:
I’m with ya though, +1 for high rlen values all the way…

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Hey @sezare56 - maybe you would know the answer to this.

So, my issue was actually not my RLEN. I know that because I reproduced it with RLEN = 64. There was something wonky in the static machine. I switched to flex and back to static again, and then the problem went away. It was like the playback position was off in the static machine, but I could have sworn I cleared the SRC settings before I tried the aforementioned switch.

Any ideas about why that happened?

It seemed to happen intermittently a couple other times too on a different track.

Thanks man!

Did you use slices / start points ?
So your latency problem is when you play the recording ?
Try to disable timestrech.

Flattering but I have to say anybody knowing can answer. Nobody knows EVERYTHING about OT. Especially with new bugs eventually ! :smile:
I didn’t read about any specific differences bugs concerning MKI vs MKII ?

I’m guessing that in the second, later problem I had in this thread, I might have accidentally had a slice or start point changed.

However, before I did the machine switch, I cleared all the parameter pages.

I’m going to keep an eye on that one.

For the first original problem in my OP, I still don’t know what happened there. I have not tested that since I got my new OT.


Hey all, has anybody resolved this issue ?

I’m on Windows running Live 11, Babyface is receiving audio from OT while my DT and DN are ran through OB.

DN is syncd to Live 11 clock and it is sending my OT and DN the Midi clock, all seems fine until OT comes in, it’s always off time ! Sometimes it’s too early or late depending on what my settings are in ableton . I’ve tried In vs Auto and also tried turning on/off the ‘reduced latency when monitoring’

Pretty sure it’s the OT causing the latency but can’t find any way around it permanently

It is not, it is ableton, google ableton live midi clock problems.

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When send midi clock and a monitor a machine back through the OT, I get latency.

If I don’t run the machine through the OT, everything dead on.

To fair, this situation under that scenario happens with all my boxes - MPC, Circuits, Digitakt.

Just a reality for me

MPC (new ones) and DAW have terrible midi clock jitter, to the point of being unusable for me, over 2ms jitter.

Elektron gear has good midi clock, >0.3ms jitter.


~12 years ago, my band tried running two Ableton’s sync’d. Our experiment didn’t last long. We ended up just using it to play synths or trigger samples, with no sync and no sequences. I’m surprised it’s not improved in that time.


I’ve really struggled with latency in my production. I try to compensate for latency in ableton in the midi preferences using midi clock sync delay.

It kind of works, kind of doesn’t. I have tried using my machine drum as the midi master instead of Ableton…

When I zoom in on my samples I can see they are off, so I drag them to the grid, but then I lose confidence in my track’s groove, get frustrated, and walk away.

How do you guys deal with this? It the OT better to use as midi master than MD do you think? Do I need some fancy external midi clock to get Ableton to work right?

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For me the clock in ableton is extra horrible.
I try to just ignore the grid. If everything grooves, then it is no problem. It gets Tricky if you want to use soft and Hardware sequencers. Just do not do it…

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I agree, everything is fine for me recording hardware if it’s already grooving, but then if I want to manually input audio samples in an audio track or use a the “simpler” via a midi track, all that stuff is right on the grid and doesnt fit in naturally

What’s nuts is how I usually find a way around all midi related issues by using compensation or whatever.

But with the OT, it’s unique. Somehow the delay is different everytime. Usually it’s around 29-38 ms too late. But occasionally, I’m experiencing the OT being recorded too early! So there has to be a solution. I’m still honestly not sure if it’s Live or OT causing this, maybe I’ll check with Studio One or Reaper asap.

Btw I’m not using Midi clock out of ableton. I’m syncing my DN with OB and then sending clock out of the DN directly to my Midi Splitter (have tried without the splitter as well) . From the Midi splitter I have OT and DT both following. The DT almost ALWAYS behaves and since the audio is over usb, I don’t have to worry at all. But with OT audio being routed to my interface, there is more work involved. Perhaps I’ll try to send OT audio back into DN inputs…even though I’m sure it will affect the sound a bit.

For now my solution is to monitor with one track (OT) and delay compensate that track. Record from a new track and make it’s input to the monitor channel of OT.

This allows me to open Live and usually the OT behaves…but I’m sure I’ll face a day where the OT/Live decides to change the delay amount, and I’ll have to re compensate…which kinda slugs the vibe :sweat_smile:

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I don’t use OB, so I may be mistaken… but isn’t this still “using Ableton clock”?

Do you have your DN set up to send MIDI clock? So you have Ableton leading the DN, then the DN, separately, leading everything else? Sounds risky to me.

Ah ic , so I believe OB allows us to skip any midi setup within Ableton settings. As in, I don’t have any of my machines as a midi device in Live 11.

OB handles all audio and midi related stuff through the OB plugin directly. Therefore yes, it’s the Ableton clock, but no because Ableton is not in charge of sending the clock information directly, just tells the plugin what its status is in real-time.

I might be completely wrong in the way I see it, but I’m hoping someone makes me understand if I am wrong.

Btw the daisy chain might be the most stable way I’ve found to make all machines play nice with each other.

If i didn’t have the OT, I could just run DN and DT directly on OB, clocked independently.

OB used to be unreliable (Windows) until this latest update that just got released, seems pretty solid now.

Just that OT that acts weird. I’m going to re-attempt monitoring directly instead of through live, see how it goes!

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Thanks foe the explanation.