Recording Delay/Reverb: Bug or user error?

Its probably the latter, but i would like to know for sure :slight_smile:

Im currently trying to record the Syntakt into Ableton, please know that im fairly new at both.
I mixed all the tracks on the Syntakt using Headphones and tried to record it into Ableton using seperate tracks.

I noticed that the delay/reverb track is really quitet, i have to boost it almost double the amount of all the other tracks to get the same result as on the Syntakt alone.

Changing the USB output setting from post- to pre-fader doesnt seem to make a huge difference on the delay/reverb, the db output setting has no effect at all :thinking:

So whats the problem here? I know that the output is rather quitet in general and that you have to boost it, but having to double boost the delay/reverb feels weird to me.

Thanks in advance, cheers!