Recording aftertouch and modulation from external keyboard

I have a Keystep connected to the Digitone via midi. The key step is using channel 16 which is the auto channel. So when I select each track it plays and I can hear aftertouch and any modulation set up for that tracks sound. I can monitor the aftertouch changes on the sound setup page.
Can I record the modulation/aftertouch changes from the Keystep whilst in live record mode. The note data is recorded, but I haven’t worked out how to record any aftertouch/modulation.
Thanks for your help. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn’t find the answer.

Can’t be done and elektron aren’t going to add it.

Try using midi loopback. Set up a midi cable connected from the digitone output to the digitone input, and a midi track set to control a synth track. Then live record onto your midi track.

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That was my suspicion after reading the manual several times.
Thanks for the response. Will keep on playing.

Is this seriously a thing? I just tried recording with AFT and no modulation was recorded. Wtf is the point of having all that routing if you can’t even use the damn thing?